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10 Of The Top Sustainable Activewear Brands to 2022

When choosing activewear, functionality, comfort and, occasionally, style are the top priorities. These are clothing that is designed to be used for exercise and physical activity and there is no doubt that the comfort is a must. From your workout clothes to yoga clothes ethical brands of activewear are releasing pieces to help your fitness goals while remaining mindful of the environment as well as the people involved in the process of making.Sustainable Activewear Brands.

The brands below have adopted practices that aid in sustainable and ethical manufacturing. They have practices that include fair trade, using eco-friendly products, and mindful production.

What to look for when selecting sustainable and ethically made activewear

Natural Fibers Organic, sustainable and eco-friendly materials

The ethical and sustainable brands of activewear utilize sustainable fabrics to make quality pieces. Utilizing these fabrics creates little environmental impact. These fabrics are typically made using recycled and natural synthetics and use non-toxic dyes.

The production and conversion processes are constantly considered in order to make sure that they are sustainable. Some of these environmentally friendly materials include hemp, organic cotton bamboo, linen as well as organic corn fibre.Sustainable Activewear Brands

Fair Trade Practices

Sustainable clothing brands that focus on fair labor practices give particular attention to the safety of workers and working conditions as well as decent wage rates. These brands are typically open about the amount they pay as well as the working conditions of their factories and manufacturing facilities.

A lot of them are fair trade firms. This means that they are paid fair when outsourcing to producers from countries in the developing world. This also helps sustain trade relations and helps protect artisans, farmers as well as workers.

Sweat Wicking Properties

It is also known as moisture-wicking. The fabrics absorb moisture from your skin and then disperse it on the surface of the material. The moisture or sweat then evaporates out into the air. This is essential for your fitness clothes since workouts cause a lot of sweating.

Sustainable activewear brands make use of bamboo, for example, that is certified as eco-friendly and cotton. Bamboo is a fantastic fabric to hold in moisture. It also regulate temperature. 1.. It is breathable, holds in moisture and aids in keeping the body cool.

Additionally comfort, performance as well as style are all important aspects to consider. The choice of certifications such as Oeko-Tek 100, B-Corp, and Fair Trade may also be significant to you.Sustainable Activewear Brands

12 of Our Favorite Sustainable and Ethical Activewear brands

Sustainable Activewear Brands
Sustainable Activewear Brands

1. Girlfriend Collective

forWomen as well provides an “For Everybody” collection that is gender neutral.
Clothing range:Leggings, sports bras tanks, shorts, sweatshirts
Sustainability and Ethics Fairtrade recyclable fabrics Oeko-Tek approved safe dyes that are certified, SA8000 approved factory, sustainable textiles
Size Band: XXS-6XL
Place of Delivery: Based in Seattle, Washington. Shipping to the US as well as Australia.
Ingredients: Recycled plastic bottles and recycled fishing nets

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly activewear company that provides size-inclusivity, class and minimalist aesthetics in their clothing, Girlfriend Collective is your solution. This brand offers ethically produced and sustainable clothing for your training sessions, sports activities, as well as yoga classes. They are a specialist in high-end and eco-friendly fabrics. The company makes its fabric made from recycled materials in its Taiwan manufacturing facility.

Girlfriend Collective recycles waste like plastic bottles and fishing nets into useful textiles. They are then used to create sustainable activewear, like leggings, sports bras and shorts. They also guarantee safety work conditions and fair pay and no tolerance to child labor or forced work. The primary factory for the brand located in Vietnam is SA8000-certified.

2. Athleta

for:Women and girls
Clothing Variety: Products based on things like running, yoga or hiking, traveling golf, tennis swimming
Ethical and sustainable measures Sustainable materials fair trade women empowerment, conservation of water, B Corporation
Size Band:XXS-3X
Place of Delivery and Shipment: Based in San Francisco, CA. Shipping is available throughout the US territories
Materials: Organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, Econly, Tencel Modal, Tencel Lyocell, Primaloft eco-friendly insulation (also made of plastic bottles, similar to recycled polyester)

Athleta is a B-Corp certified brand with a long-term goal of 100percent sustainability as well as zero waste practices. Athleta creates clothing that combines technical and performance features that are suited for active girls and women. The brand provides a range of eco-friendly workout clothing for yoga as well as ethically designed athletic clothing. With Athleta items, you’ll be guaranteed the perfect mix of style and comfort.

The core of the brand’s policies is helping women and girls. The brand is focused on performance and design, as well as sustainability and sisterhood. Transparency is also a key factor for this business. On its website there is information about its practices. From fair trade-certified factory and eco-friendly fibers, to recycling and water-saving methods, Athleta is making a impact.

3. Outdoor Voices

for:Men and women
Clothing range:Athletic wear for adults that includes sports bras, leggings, shorts, dresses and skorts. Also, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, skort
Ethical and sustainable measures: Recycled and recyclable packaging, recycled and natural textiles
Size Band:XS-XXXL
Place of Delivery: Based in Austin, TX.
Ingredients:Recycled PET, responsibly source merino wool, bluesign-certified CloudKnit, MegaFleece, Cotton Terry.

Outdoor Voices makes activewear for “doing things everyday. ” It includes things like running or yoga, as well as dog walks. The clothing brand is focused on creating a range of athletic clothing that is sustainable to be used for leisure. The company focuses on creating top-quality designs and products with the idea of longevity and circularity in the mind.

Outdoor Voices makes products from textiles such as recycled PET, ethically-sourced Bluesign-certified merino and MegaFleece (made out of recycled wool). Our Sustainable Activewear Brands door Voices is determined to use packaging that is both recycled and recyclable.

4. Organic Basics

for:Men and women
Clothing range: Activewear and fashion basic items like bras leggings, socks and tights and tops
Ethical and sustainable measures: Certified B Corporation, sustainable fabrics organic cotton certified by GOTS recycled packaging, produced ethically
Size Band: XS-XL
Address and shipping:Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ships internationally
Material: Organic cotton, recycled wool, TENCEL with recycled and repurposed materials SilverTechOrganic Basics creates conscious everyday necessities made of natural, soft and sustainable fibers. One of these is organic cotton that is GOTS certified. This eco-friendly fashion brand’s sustainable essentials and activewear are made ethically in Europe.The company is aware of the impact of the fashion industry and carbon footprint, and continuously is striving to make a difference. This includes choosing environmentally-friendly and sustainable fabrics as well as relationships with factories who are committed to ethical practices.Organic Basics works with certified factories that pay living wage. For the company’s SilverTech items, the company weaves organic silver into cotton. It creates a soft, odor-free and breathable, lightweight fabric. To ensure complete transparency, the company has the factory information in its site.5. Threads 4 ThoughtTo:Men, women, and children
Clothing range: T-shirts, tank tops leggings, shorts sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, sweaters
Ethical and sustainable measures Sustainable production, ethically produced fabric, empowerment of the community The wastewater is reused and recycled Sustainable Activewear Brands
Size Band: XXS-3XL
Shipping and Location: New York, NY. Shipping worldwide
Material:Organic cotton, Lenzing Modal and recycled polyesterThreads 4 Thought is positioned as a complete lifestyle brand of everyday necessities and fashionable and comfortable activewear. The clothing brand designs ethical clothing for exercise while helping communities in need, and also ensuring the safety of the employees of its clothing.

The company’s sustainability efforts involve sourcing some of best sustainable materials available to make its products. They are organic natural fibers, Lenzing Modal as well as recycled polyester. A few the products made of recycling plastic bottle and fishing nets.

Threads 4 Thought is committed to only working with factories that have the highest quality industry certifications and ensuring that they follow only the strictest ethical standards.

It has established requirements on traceability of the supply chain as well as non-toxic dyeing processes and has also reduced the use of water. In its dedication to its customers the brand has joined forces together with International Rescue Committee to help people living in refugee camps live more comfortably.

6. Tala Sustainable Activewear Brands

To: Women
Clothing Selection: Leggings, sports bras tops, vests, tracksuits, hoodies, jackets
Ethical and sustainable measuresEthical work practices, sustainable fabrics and a transparency in the supply chain
Size Band: XS-XL
Shipping and Location:Based in the UK. Shipping is available internationally.
Ingredients: Recycled nylon, Viscose from recycled cotton, bamboo and the lyocell

Tala is a slow-fashion brand that has an activewear line that is sustainable. The brand’s activewear is committed to providing a sustainable fashion that isn’t expensive. Its core values are accessibility, inclusiveness and sustainability, as well as consciousness and openness. Tala has formed partnerships with factories to utilize the most sustainable technology as well as processes and materials for the production of its products.

Tala’s clothing tags are able to be grown. The tag is filled with seeds that are seasonal, which means you’ll receive a different plant for each tag you plant. The twines, too, are made from hemp, making them biodegradable. Tala is concerned about its supply chain’s ethical standards and only works with factories that have met certain requirements. According to Tala, “It’s cool to be nice. “

7. Wolven Sustainable Activewear Brands

To: Women and men
Clothing Range: Activewear, loungewear
Sustainable and ethical measures:Carbon-neutral, recycled poly mailers, legal and fair wage rates
Size Band:XS-XL
Delivery and Location: Based in Los Angeles, CA. Shipping is worldwide and includes free shipping internationally on all orders of more than $99
The materials used areOEKO-Tex Certified Recycled PET Modal fabric

Wolven is a brand that is sustainable which creates products for activewear using recycled water bottles that were discarded by consumers and made from plastic. The collection is released in small quantities. Wolven stands out from its competitors by offering patterns and printed athletic wear.

Sustainable Activewear Brands
Sustainable Activewear Brands

The team is always trying to minimize the brand’s carbon footprint. In terms of its factories the activewear line as well as swimwear are manufactured in an WCA (Workplace conditions Assessment) certified facility, while the t-shirts and dresses are made locally by a local company in Los Angeles.

To reduce it carbon footprint, the business has partnered to combat its carbon footprint. The company joined forces with Climate Neutral. This guarantees transparency in the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions throughout production. Also, implementation plans have been put into for reducing emissions.

In addition to its eco-friendly clothes, Wolven uses recycled and recyclable plastic mailers to ship. Wolven collects one pounds of ocean-bound plastic for each ethically-sourced purchase made from Wolven.Sustainable Activewear Brands

8. Inhala

for: Women
Clothing range:Sustainable activewear for yoga. The collection includes bottoms, tops, shorts, jumpsuits and yoga mats, malas.
Ethical and sustainable measures:Eco-friendly and ethically crafted products, slow fashion sustainable fashion and recycled packaging
Size Band:XS-L
Address and shipping: Based in Peru. It offers free shipping worldwide for orders of more than $200.
Ingredients:Peruvian fair-trade organic cotton, ECONYL regenerated nylon

Inhala’s merchandise is a combination of high-end eco-friendly materials and innovative and vibrant designs and colors. The brand of yoga clothes incorporates the concept of slow fashion as well as conscious production in its processes. The company tracks its supply chain through its use of sustainable materials to ensure that it has a positive impact on the people who are involved as well as the environment. Inhala is a zero-waste company with a no-plastic policy. In addition, all of collections are made of non-elastic materials.

According to the statement of the brand the brand’s most significant purpose is to protect and preserve the natural resources of the earth. The female-founded company utilizes recyclable and 100% recyclable packaging to ship and package. The team also makes use of recyclable bags for clothing that can be composted at home. In addition to the sustainable yoga attire, the company also sells mats for yoga that are eco-friendly. They are lightweight, soft and vegan. They are also recyclable.Sustainable Activewear Brands

9. Groceries Apparel

To be used byWomen or men. It also has a collection of unisex menswear.
Clothing Variety: Bras, bralettes crop tops, leggings, leggings Tops, sweatshirts, bras
Sustainability and Ethics:Organic fabrics, fair wages Local production
Size Band: XS-XL
Delivery and Location:Based in California, USA. Shipping is available internationally.
Ingredients: Organic cotton, recycled plastic, eucalyptus hemp and vegetable dye

Groceries Apparel is an green fashion label that creates its clothing using organic materials with non-toxic colorants. The line of activewear from the company comes with solid color designs as well as tie-dye prints. These clothes are perfect for working out and relaxing. Groceries Apparel produces locally in its own factory in Los Angeles. This allows the company to establish, maintain and follow the most ethical and sustainable standards.

The company examines its production and supply processes to make sure that workers are treated fairly and are paid fair. In addition, as part of its sustainability values The team works constantly to minimize waste.

10. Kaira Active Sustainable Activewear Brands

Clothing Selection:Bras, bottoms, face masks
Ethical and sustainable measures Made locally, ethically sustainable and eco-friendly pieces that give back, recycled paper packaging , and recycled mailers made of poly.
Size Band:XS-L
Delivery and Location: Based in California. Shipping throughout the US
Ingredients: ECONYL yarn, recycled polyester

Inspired by “long day at the beach and sweaty studio sessions” Kaira Active creates clothing and other products that help people enjoy their outdoor activities. Kaira Active creates multifunctional activewear by regenerating fishnets. It is possible to use these activewear sets for surfing, doing yoga, or even walking. The goal is to achieve this without causing any adverse environmental effect.

Contrary to some pieces of activewear that are uncomfortable to wear every day the eco-friendly brand designs pieces that are suitable for everyday wear. They can also be worn as loungewear. In its commitment to sustainability, it gives 1% of every sale to nonprofit organizations who help protect the ocean.

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