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3 Reasons You Need to Take Prenatal Vitamins

3 Reasons You Need to Take Prenatal Vitamins

Are you thinking of having a baby in the near future? Pregnancy and motherhood involve an abundance of responsibility and pre-planning, but nothing is as important as your and your baby’s health. Most health professionals will tell you there are many reasons to take prenatal vitamins

If planning to become pregnant, you know that eating healthy doesn’t always guarantee that your body has the necessary nutrients to prepare itself for all the stages of your pregnancy; before, during, and after the baby is born. Here are the top three reasons you need to take prenatal vitamins. 

The Ingredients You See

A modern day prenatal vitamin will be made with carefully sourced and traceable ingredients. Transparency is so essential when monitoring what you put in your body while preparing for a pregnancy. An effective prenatal vitamin will also support your and your baby’s nutrient needs. 

Neural tube support is one of the primary needs a prenatal vitamin can fulfill. According to the CDC, consuming folic acid can help aid in the prevention of neural tube defects. That benefit alone is worth taking a prenatal vitamin.

Fetal brain development is also a concern during pregnancy. Since fetal brain development starts very early on in the pregnancy, it is beneficial for the expectant mother to take a prenatal vitamin. Regular use of a prenatal vitamin containing Omega-3 DHA, choline and folate throughout the pregnancy cycle can support this function as well. 

A prenatal vitamin also benefits blood building by contributing to red blood cell formation with ingredients like iron, folate, and Vitamin B12. For healthy bones, a calcium helper nutrient like D3, K2, Magnesium and Boron can assist. 

The Ingredients You Don’t See

The ingredients a trusted prenatal vitamin leaves out, are also essential. Women want GMO-free and vegan options in their modern prenatal vitamins. These types of needs were never met in previous years so it is even more incredible that prenatal vitamins have come so far in just a short time. 

A modern prenatal vitamin won’t have artificial colorants and is vegan based. It would also be gluten and major allergen free. Also, have you ever noticed that vitamins kind of stink? Luckily, new prenatal vitamin options are scented with natural citrus to make taking the vitamin more enjoyable. 

You also won’t see the need to take a handful of prenatal pills if you find a modern prenatal vitamin. An innovative capsule design combines dry and oily ingredients together. This means you get all the nutrients you need in just 2 pills a day.  

It is never too soon to start taking a prenatal vitamin, even if you haven’t started trying to conceive. By adding the essential nutrients to your body, and eliminating the wasteful additives, you are developing a healthy place for your future child to grow. 

Ritual Essential Prenatal Vitamin

A Prenatal Vitamin for the Next Generation

You may have already known the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins, but not all are created equal. A growing desire for traceable, gluten-free, and plant based products have influenced the prenatal vitamin world – these aren’t your mother’s vitamins anymore. 

Access to supplement facts, testimonials, and in-house experts separate the modern prenatal vitamin from what we know of the past. Read testimonials from other expecting mothers about their experiences with a prenatal vitamin before deciding if it’s right for you, or speak to in-house health experts! Try a prenatal vitamin that’s been tested and reviewed.

There is so much useful information and developments in what makes the best prenatal vitamin and the feedback is impressive. Ask questions and study the FAQ’s on your prenatal vitamin’s website so that you get a well rounded understanding of what the prenatal vitamin can do for you. 

And these days, with convenience and safety being a factor, you don’t even need to drive to the store and risk having only substandard prenatal vitamins available. You can easily and affordably start a subscription and have a prenatal vitamin delivered right to your door. 

With all the proven benefits of taking a prenatal vitamin, it’s hard to argue that they don’t take a pivotal role in the pregnancy journey. We live in more modern times and  have more knowledge today about aiding and supporting our bodies’ natural functions. 

There are dozens of reasons why you need to take a prenatal vitamin, but remember the top three. The benefits of the ingredients you see (and the ones you don’t), and the empowering and innovative advancements in the modern world of prenatal vitamins. 

While prenatal vitamins are never a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet, they play an enormous and important role in pregnancy and should be taken as soon as possible. And remember, a great prenatal vitamin includes everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 



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