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4 Health And Wellness Benefits Of Using Chakras

According to experts in the health and wellness industry, the human body contains seven primary chakras. Each chakra is found in a different position along the spine and serves a specific purpose. The earliest record of chakra dates back to the Vedas, which are antiquated Indian texts that capture the philosophy and essence of yoga and influenced some Hindu and Buddhist philosophies.

What Are The Primary Chakras Of The Human Body?

According to Hindu philosophy, the human body has seven primary chakras and several other sub-category chakras. The main chakras are as follows:

  • The Crown Chakra Or The Saahasyara

The chakra rests just above the head and promotes enlightened thinking.

  • The Third-Eye Chakra Or The Ajna

This chakra lies between the eyes and eyebrows and is believed to house your consciousness and inner knowledge.

  • The Throat Chakra Or The Vishuddhi

This lies at the center of your throat and helps you promote truth and authenticity, especially regarding self-expression.

  • The Heart Chakra Or The Anahata

This chakra is found near the heart and helps you spread love and compassion and helps you connect with others.

  • The Naval Chakra Or The Manipura

This rests just under the naval and helps digestion. It also helps with how a person processes different life experiences.

  • The Sacral Chakra Or The Svadhisthana

This is found near the pelvic region and helps humans regulate their desires and emotions.

  • The Root Chakra Or The Muladhara

This lies at the base of the spine and influences the urge of self-preservation and survival urges like the desire to eat, sleep, and mate.

By ensuring that all chakras are regulated and clear through meditation, positive mantras, and other modern wellness methodologies, you’ll be able to live a healthy balanced life.

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How The Chakras Can Affect Health And Wellness

People who subscribe to the chakra philosophy believe that if there’s an imbalance with one or more of your chakras, you may fall ill and create negative circumstances in your life. For example, if you experience digestive issues, you may have a naval chakra experiencing imbalance.

To make sure that your chakras regain any lost balance, there are many chakra-based techniques, methodologies, and therapies you can adopt such as yoga, meditation, and reiki, which is an energy healing technique that originated in Japan.

Benefits Of Using Chakras

The following are the advantages of using chakras:

1. You Get To Meditate More

Meditation is known to have many health benefits and is especially helpful for people who suffer from anxiety and other stress-related illnesses. It also has amazing physical benefits as it can lower your blood pressure, decreasing your risk of heart illnesses.

Mantras can be short sounds, a phrase spoken in Sanskrit, or words and sentences that can be used for meditation. By adopting a more chakra-based lifestyle, you’ll start meditating more, which is good for your health. You may also adopt other chakra-based activities such as yoga and mindful thinking. This may eventually improve your health and wellness.

2. Promotes Relaxation

Most chakra therapies can be relaxing. You want to bring balance to your chakra, so you need to be in a relaxed state. Whether that’s meditation or yoga, you’ll be spending time during the day in a relaxed state. This can help reduce stress-related issues and anxiety, which is good for your health.

3. Creates A Strong Positive Placebo Effect

The mind is very powerful, and the power of belief is unprecedented. If you believe you’re in a good mental state, you’ll eventually reach that state. Placebos have an important place in medicine, and using chakras to help people feel better has resulted in positive outcomes. No scientific evidence or tangible clues prove that chakras exist, even though some scientists have suggested that the primary chakras are somehow linked to the nervous system.

There’s still research on this matter, but the strong positive placebo effect it creates has been quite helpful in alleviating some people’s symptoms.

4. Creates A Strong Sense Of Self

The Greek philosopher Socrates once said that to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. This means that the path to true wisdom starts with knowing who you are as a person. By adopting chakra-based methodologies, therapies, and activities, you may start to recognize patterns within yourself. You’ll become familiar with your strengths, weaknesses, and triggers.

You learn how to present your authentic self to the world by understanding yourself better. You’ll live a more fulfilled life and improve your general well-being and health.


By making sure your chakras remain balanced, you’ll see an improvement in both your mental and physical health. Meditation already has many health benefits, and other chakra-based methodologies can help manage stress and anxiety in some people. It can also help people with hypertension because you’ll lower your blood pressure, decreasing your risk of heart disease.

All in all, using chakras for health and wellness is a decision with many perks.

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