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5 Body Health Checks to Perform This Year

Staying on top of your health has a lot to do with checking in with your body. If you want to be sure to stay ahead of any health issues that may arise, take time to check in with your body. Here are a few body health checks to perform this year:

Tremor symptoms

Something that happens often but that many people ignore are slight shaking, typically in the hands. Many people will ignore it out of fear that it could be something like Parkinson’s disease. However, getting help for Parkinson’s early on is important.

But before you self-diagnose, you’ll want to get a check up first. You could actually be experiencing an essential tremor, which while is an uncomfortable condition to have, is not life-threatening. There are procedures and treatments for this condition and while they’re brain related, if you choose to go through with them, they can help your life significantly.

Hormonal imbalance

Sometimes, a man or woman may be low in estrogen or testosterone, and this could impact quality of life. Hormonal issues may be easy to ignore, and many people don’t know that they’re experiencing issues related to hormonal problems.

If you are experiencing issues with your metabolism, sexual function, find yourself irritable, and moody, or have an upset internal balance, consider getting a hormone checkup to make sure your hormones are doing their job. If not, you may need treatment for a better quality of life.


For women who experience weight gain, fatigue, cold sensitivity, muscle weakness or other similar issues, you may want to get your thyroid checked for hypothyroidism. Thyroid issues in men may look like balding, lower sex drive, fatigue, depression and more.

This list isn’t extensive, but some people suffer from hypothyroidism and others from hyperthyroidism. Many people with daily maladies may not realize that they actually have issues with their thyroid. Make sure to get health insurance so you can get the treatment you need for a better quality of life.

Breast screening

A little-known fact is that both men and women can get breast cancer. However, it’s more commonplace in women. Women under the age of 35 aren’t always encouraged to get their breasts checked, but if you have any abnormalities, it’s important to see your medical provider. Women who are over the age of 35 should get screened regularly.

Consider a colonoscopy

While it’s typically suggested by doctors that people start getting colonoscopies over the age of 45, if you have any symptoms that could be related to colon cancer or you have colon cancer history in your family, you may want to consider the benefits of getting a colonoscopy for peace of mind.

While it’s not the most pleasant experience, getting the peace of mind that you’re good to go is important. It’s not something you’ll need to do every year, but it’s wise to get a colonoscopy if there’s any history in your family.

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Body Health Checks

In Conclusion

Scheduling regular health checkups can be beneficial for your peace of mind. Making sure that you’re healthy is worth the investment. If you don’t have health insurance, take time to shop around so that you can visit a health provider that you trust. Checkups which should include even STD/STI testing treatment, can help you to get treatment that will improve your quality of life or avoid issues down the road and prevent serious illness. Whether you have symptoms of hormonal imbalances or need to get a breast cancer screening, take time to find the right doctor today so you can start getting the check ups that make sense for your health and life today.

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