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5 Health Symptoms to Observe Each Year

As each year passes, we get older, and this may mean that we develop some new health conditions or issues we’ve never dealt with before. While we may not know what’s going on, our body typically tells us something is going on through pain in different areas or unsettling feelings. Here are a few signs and symptoms that could be your body trying to tell you get a check-up:


It’s one thing to have the shakes from having that extra cup of coffee in the morning. Then, there are tremors. It can be important to visit a doctor when you start noticing tremors, as they can be a sign of something that requires treatment. You’ll need to work with your medical provider to determine where the symptoms are coming from, and whether it’s an essential tremor vs Parkinson

These tremors may start small and increase over the years, so consider getting a checkup as soon as possible when you start noticing them. In some instances, getting treatment during the early stages can help you better manage your condition. 

Frequent stomach upset

It’s one thing to get stomach upset from foods that cause heartburn or from food poisoning. But, if you deal with stomach discomfort frequently, when you eat certain foods such as vegetables, you may want to consider getting a health checkup to test for allergies or disorders like irritable bowel syndrome. 

While stomach aches could be something related to your hormones, it could also have to do with your colon health. If you frequently feel stomach discomfort, don’t ignore it. 

Heart pain

If you feel heart pain regularly or you find that your heartbeat often feels fluttery, you want to turn to your health provider for support. A heart checkup can save your life. Get a quick health checkup with an EKG to take a look at your heart health. 

The sooner you get treatment or make lifestyle changes for your heart’s health, the better. If you do have a heart condition, speaking with your doctor can help you determine the best lifestyle and diet changes for your specific needs. 


If you deal with frequent migraines, it may be something hereditary, especially if you’ve dealt with them for many years. However, if you have never really had migraines before and unexpectedly start dealing with some, you may want to consider visiting your doctor to determine the cause. 

Even if you have been dealing with them all of your life, frequent checkups every year or so can help you to find the treatment that could work best for you. Whether this looks like prescription medication or like dietary and lifestyle changes, you’ll want to do what you can to experience fewer migraines in your life. 

Tooth pain

If you have tooth pain, you probably don’t want to ignore it. Anyone who has ever suffered from serious dental issues knows that tooth pain can be one of the most unbearable things to go through. However, there are also some signs you may need medical attention that aren’t as intense. Sore, bleeding gums, or pain when you drink hot or cold water could also be signs that you need to visit your dentist

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In Conclusion

Your health matters. It’s easy to let the pain go on but the reality is that you want to be careful about allowing symptoms to linger without any support from a health provider. Some pains or health issues may be a sign of something more serious and you could be saving your life by getting a proper diagnosis. It’s not easy to make time to see a doctor or get health insurance, but it’s worth investing in so that you can get treatment when you need it and have a better quality of life. 



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