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5 Ways To Feel Better This Upcoming Fall 

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Fall is a great time for a fresh start! With the seasonal change, everything is shifting. Make the most of this time by doing all you can to care for yourself. With each season, new changes emerge, and within them, new opportunities arise. You just need to know how to take hold of these opportunities! Read on to learn five ways to feel better this upcoming Fall! 

1.Get Enough Sleep

Nothing replaces sleep! We all need to get enough sleep in order to feel at our best. If you plan to feel better this Fall, you must prioritize getting enough rest each night. If you struggle to get enough sleep, talk to your doctor about natural sleep aids that may help you get the rest you need. You can also take melatonin supplements to help you fall asleep via natural sleep hormones. 

You might also benefit from changing your environment, investing in cooling sheets to reduce night sweats, and incorporating sleep-inducing elements such as blackout curtains to reduce the amount of light you’re exposed to during sleep. See what works for you and catch up on those zzz’s to feel better this Fall. 

2.Get Daily Exercise

Getting daily exercise is essential to health and well-being. Without getting enough exercise, your body will have to work harder to do its job! Exercise helps your body boost circulation, which positively affects all systems in the body. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. 

Even a quick walk around the neighborhood is a great way to get in your daily exercise! You might also benefit from an accountability buddy who can help you stay motivated to exercise. Together, you can inspire each other to stay active and boost your health this Fall! 

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3.Care For Your Mental Health

Take care of your mental health by talking with someone you trust about your feelings. Journaling, meditating, and attending support groups can all go a long way in protecting your mental health. Don’t let your emotions build up. Take care of your well-being this Fall and watch as things change for the better! 

4.Take Time To Chill

Many of us go about our days on autopilot. We don’t realize that in the midst of all the busy work, we are draining ourselves of energy and happiness! Take time to relax this Fall. Prioritize family time, spend some time in nature, take a nap when you need it, and enjoy a warm cup of tea. Take time to chill for yourself so that your overall health can flourish this Fall! 

5.Eat Healthy Food

The food that you eat plays an important role in how well you feel. Boost your health this Fall by prioritizing your nutrition. Aim to have more fruits and vegetables that allow you to keep your vitamins and minerals up! Try to go with organic produce when you can, and be sure to eat until you are satisfied! 

Feeling better this Fall means keeping your energy up! Don’t be afraid to fuel your body! Fall is a great time to focus on eating seasonally as well! Make nutritious and hearty stews and nourish your body with Fall squashes and other seasonal plants. 

The Bottom Line

Feel better this Fall by taking care of your health! Caring for your health the right way means caring for your whole person! Use holistic treatments when appropriate and speak to your doctor about any specific needs you need addressed to feel your best this Fall! Consider the above suggestions as you work your way to feeling your very best this upcoming Fall!



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