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5 Ways To Keep Cool Throughout The Night

You might be a hot sleeper if you have difficulty staying cool throughout the night! In this article, we go over tips on staying cool throughout the night so you can finally get that shut-eye you deserve. Continue reading below for five ways you can keep cool throughout the night. Here’s all you need to know about staying cool during slumber.

1.    Turn Down Your Thermostat

Before bed, lower your thermostat to a few degrees cooler than you typically keep during the day. With a cooler room temperature, your body will have an easier time adjusting to the temperature changes, and you’ll sleep comfortably throughout the night. Although the body naturally lowers its base temperature during sleep, this may not be enough by itself to keep you comfortable. Turning down your thermostat might be the only natural sleep aid you need to catch up on those zzzs!

2.    Dress In Lightweight Pajamas Or Clothing

When you get ready for bed, make sure your pajamas are lightweight so you can rest easily throughout the night without feeling overheated. Some options for pajamas include linen or cotton nightshirts, silk pajama bottoms, and lace bralettes. All of these choices rest gently on the body and are minimal in fabric, allowing your body temperature to remain cool throughout the night.

5 Ways To Keep Cool Throughout The Night
Keep Cool Throughout The Night

3.    Use Aromatherapy Tools

Aromatherapy can also aid in your ability to stay cool during the night. Cooling scents like peppermint and eucalyptus are essential oil choices to diffuse in an essential oil diffuser. The natural cooling agents in these oils can help you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Keep your diffuser by your side of the bed and breathe in the pleasant aromas to help you drift off comfortably. You might also consider dabbing oil on your wrist to cool your body down further.

4.    Upgrade Your Bedding Materials

Your blankets may also contribute to how comfortable you feel at night. This may not be ideal for you if you use heavyweight comforters during the hotter months of the year. Switch to lightweight bedding alternatives that contain cool-max technology to keep you cool all night long.

Switch to alternative comforters for a lightweight blanket without lacking all the plush comfort you need to get cozy as you sleep. You can also find cool max options for your sheets, pillows, and pillowcases. There are even cool max sleeping masks to wear over your eyes. Some even contain essential oils for double the cooling effects.

5.    Don’t Use Mattress Covers

If you’ve been using a mattress cover to protect your mattress, this might be problematic if you’re feeling too hot while sleeping. The heavy materials used on covers are meant to absorb stains and spills, so they are caught before hitting the mattress. The only way for these stains to be caught in time is if the fabrics are heavy-duty. While these covers effectively prevent any mattress stains, they may contribute to how overheated you feel at night. Mattress covers are like an added blanket on your back, which will add to how warm you feel throughout the night. If you can, avoid using mattress covers so you can sink into your mattress without feeling stuffy.

The Bottom Line

Keep cool throughout the night by doing what you can to lower your base temperature. Use the suggestions above and cultivate the perfect sleep environment you need to get your desired sleep. Try out different bedding materials to see which ones keep you the most comfortable throughout the night. With the right combination of sleep gear, you’re on your way to a comfortable, good night’s sleep. 



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