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6 Reasons to Choose Co-living Apartment in New York City

If you’re considering renting a co-living apartment in NYC, then you’ve probably heard all the hype about how it’s the best way to live in the big city. Basically, co-living is a new way of shared living with a group of people who have the same interests. 

This way of living is becoming increasingly popular among young professionals living away from home. And while it’s true that co-living has a lot of benefits, you might be wondering if it’s really worth it. 

Below in this article, we are going to give you 6 solid reasons co-living can be the best option if you are planning to rent an apartment in New York City. 

1.You’ll Never Have to Worry About Bills

If you have been managing house expenses, you’ll understand how energy, water, and internet bills take a toll on your budget. If you share a co-living space, you’ll not have to worry about these expenses anymore. Although you will be paying rent and other fees, the co-living provider will take care of all your bills. 

This includes things such as utilities, internet, and even house cleaning. Plus, co-living apartments often bundle laundry and dry-cleaning services, which can save you money and time. You can just drop off your laundry and pick it up when it’s done. 

This way, you can focus on living your best life rather than worrying about the tedious day-to-day tasks associated with maintaining an apartment. 

2.You’ll Have More Freedom and Flexibility

This is probably the biggest benefit of availing co-living apartments in NYC. By renting a co-living apartment, you have the freedom and flexibility to move in or out whenever you want. Not only do you get to choose this, but you also get to decide how long you want to stay. 

Coliving NYC rents are typically month-to-month, so you’ll never be tied down to a long lease. Plus, most co-living apartments have a flexible cancellation policy, so you can leave whenever you want. This way, you can move around and explore different locations without worrying about breaking a lease or being charged fees. 

3.You’ll Always Have Someone to Hang Out with

Gone are the days of sitting home alone on the weekends and not finding any friends to hang out with. Co-living apartments provide members with all sorts of social events, activities, and even outdoor trips. This way, you can make friends, explore new hobbies, and just have fun. 

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about feeling lonely or isolated. There’ll always be someone to help you out in case you face a problem. Not only your apartment mates but also the neighbors can be of great help. 

Co-living apartments are typically located in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city, so you’ll get to know some of the locals. This would not have been possible if you were living in a traditional apartment. 

4.You’ll Get to Know Different Cultures

Different people from cities around the country come to live in a co-living space in a metropolitan area. They have different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. This gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of cultures and their lifestyle preferences. 

A good understanding of other cultures ultimately helps you in professional life when meeting and working with people from other areas of the country. In a co-living space, you don’t only get to learn about cultures from personal interaction. 

There are several other events and day-to-day interactions that will help you understand different attitudes, beliefs, and values. 

5.You Have a Built-in Support Network

Living with people from different walks of life makes a great support network you may need in times of hardship. From the moment you move in, you’ll be surrounded by friendly faces and positive vibes who share your interests. 

So, if you ever need support or help of any kind, you’ll always have someone to lean on. This is indeed a great factor contributing to your overall long-term health and mental wellness

Additionally, most co-living apartments have a buddy system that pairs new members with established members. This way, you can ask questions, get advice, and even get help with some of the specifics of living in a big city like New York. 

6.You will Get Proximity to the Workplace

Most co-living apartments are located in commercial areas where you’ll have easy access to your workplace. These commercial areas are equipped with modern transit systems like MRT and public buses, with bus stops just a furlong away from your apartment.  

This makes it easy to travel for people who are new in the city and don’t know their way around new roads. Plus, it’s a possibility that your flat mates have their own vehicles and they may drop you to work, which makes it even easier. 

Moreover, lifelong friendships and new interests and hobbies are mostly developed in co-living spaces. So, you’ll be sure to benefit from this experience in one way or another. 



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