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6 Ways To Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Vaping has quickly grown in popularity over the last few years. It’s proven to be less harmful than smoking, and people are starting to ditch cigarettes in favor of vaping devices. Vapes typically taste better to most, and personalizing the experience can make it even more satisfying.

That said, everyone has a personal preference regarding vape quality. However, not everyone understands all the factors that make a good vaping experience. There’s a lot to consider, and it can be overwhelming for beginners or casual vapers.

These six tips will help you make the most of your vaping experience.

1.Find The Best E-Liquids

Your e-liquid is one of the biggest factors influencing the vaping experience. Vape quality is all about getting the best flavor. Not all e-liquids are made of the same quality. Consequently, cheaper e-liquids are less likely to give you a satisfying flavor. Some may taste bad and may even have a somewhat ‘plastic-tasting’ aftertaste.

Avoid buying flavors from non-vape stores as these are usually cheap and low-quality. You can find high-quality e-liquids from reputable and established vape stores like Its Vaping. Vape stores will have a full range of e-liquids, including different nicotine concentrations and flavor profiles. Moreover, the staff at a walk-in vape store can help you find a flavor you’ll enjoy.

2.Upgrade Your Setup

So, you’ve bought yourself a starter kit and have been vaping for a while, but you find yourself wanting more. Maybe you’re looking for a more powerful hit, stronger flavor, or control over power output. If that’s the case, it might be time to move to a new vaping device.

Generally speaking, more expensive setups give you more control over the experience. You can achieve a more powerful hit, more control, and better flavor production from a proper mod and atomizer setup than from a simple pod system. That said, those higher-priced with more customization typically mean more complication and maintenance. It’s about finding the balance between preferred output and how much you’re willing to do to get it.

3.Switch Flavors

You may be tempted to find a flavor you love and stick to it. Unfortunately, sticking with one flavor for too long can leave you with what’s often called ‘vaper’s tongue.’ This is when you stop being able to taste a specific flavor after using it for too long. 

As a general rule, switch to a different flavor after you finish a bottle of e-liquid. Doing so also allows you to discover more flavors you enjoy. You may enjoy trying juices with different VG/PG ratios and nicotine or CBD content. Alternatively, you may prefer to vape without nicotine or CBD—it’s all up to you.

4.Clean Your Tank Regularly

Keeping your tank clean is one of the keys to maintaining a consistent vape. Vape tanks tend to ‘gunk’ up as you use them, especially as your coil reaches the end of its lifetime. Allowing old e-liquid residue to build up on your device can result in unpleasant flavors and smells.

Make sure to regularly clean your tank—every day if you can. You don’t want leftover residue to mix with your new e-liquid and ruin the new flavor. Try to clean at least between different juices and between coil changes.

5.Change Your Coils

Dry hits are one of the worst things you can get out of your vape. This is the burnt flavor that comes from an old, burnt coil. It can also happen from an empty tank if you take too many consecutive drags, not giving your coil enough time to soak up more e-liquid—which will then burn your coil.

Even if they’re not completely dry, old coils can seriously hurt the flavor. Change your coils whenever you notice they start to decline. This will probably be once every week or two unless you’re using a rebuildable atomizer (RBA). For an RBA, you usually only need to clean your coils and replace your cotton—the coils can often last a month or two.

Enhance Your Vaping Experience
Enhance Your Vaping Experience with Different Coils

6.Try Different Coils

Continuing the topic of coils, experimenting with them can improve your vaping experience. Coils have different resistances and come in different variations. These can each give you a different experience. There are two main cases to consider regarding coils:

  • Rebuildable Atomizers: RBA coils give you the most versatility. You have almost full control over how much resistance the coils will have. In addition, different coils like clapton coils, fused claptons, and alien coils are made differently. Each type can give you a different experience, and you might prefer one over the rest.
  • Pre-built Coils: Most pod systems or starter kits have pre-built commercial coils that plug into your vape tank. Here you’re limited to brand, device, and which coils are compatible with your specific vape. Some of these devices are compatible with just one coil. If your device gives you various choices, try all of them to find what you like best.


Whether you’re vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking or just to pass the time, there’s a lot to enjoy if you know how. While vaping may seem complicated when you first get into it, you’ll soon learn that there are simple ways to keep your vaping experience top-notch. Follow the six things listed in this article to ensure your vape is always clean, in good order, and producing the best possible flavor.



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