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Everything You Need to Know About Vapor Tight and Vapor Proof LED Fixtures

Vapor-tight fixtures use fluorescents or LEDs. They have a gasketed seal that prevents water and dust from entering the fixture. You can easily identify vapor-tight fixtures because they have meal latches that ensure they are tightly closed. LED vapor-tight fixtures often have an ingress protection (IP) rating that shows the conditions the fixture can withstand. Vapor tights can be surface mounted or suspended and are commonly used in warehouses, loading docks and car washes.

Vapor-proof LED fixtures are similar to vapor tights fixtures in that they are dust and watertight and can have the same IP ratings. The distinguishing factor is that they are also sealed against vapors, gasses and corrosive fumes. A vapor-proof light fixture has an outer shell made of polyurethane or fiberglass lined with a full metal fixture. They are designed for wall, ceiling and pendant mounting. People commonly use them in freezers, coolers, laundromats, tunnels and over doorways.

What are IP ratings?

IP ratings tell you how much force a LED light can handle. The first IP rating number shows the level of protection of the fixture from solid materials such as dirt or dust. The second IP number indicates how strong the light is against a liquid force such as water. IP rating depends on how much time your LED light will spend in the water. An IP rating of sixty-five guards against jets of water from any angle, while that of sixty-seven protects up to thirty minutes of submersion in three feet of water or less. An IP rating of sixty-eight ensures permanent lighting when submerged in thirteen feet or less water. Your LED light provider can guide you on the best IP rating for your premises.

Types of vapor-tight LED fixtures

Jelly jar

Jelly jar vapor lighting resembles a mason jar style, usually has a cage-type covering, and is suitable for smaller areas. You can hang them as pendants or mount them on ceilings or walls. Jelly Jar lights are best for tunnels, marine settings, coolers, freezers and food processing facilities and promote safety and style in businesses.


Linear vapor tight lights are available in two, four and eight feet and are often mounted to walls, soffits or ceilings. You can use them on car washes, airports, parking garages, and stairwells.

High bay

High bay vapor tight lights are best for large areas. You can mount them on ceilings that are at least eighteen feet high. You can use high bay lighting in warehouses or airport hangers.

Benefits of LED vapor tight fixtures

Energy saving

LED lighting uses seventy-five percent less energy compared to traditional incandescent lighting. LED vapor-tight lighting further extends the energy saving of the LED lighting fixtures exposed to harsh weather conditions. LED vapor-tight fixtures will perform more efficiently and last longer than non-vapor-tight LED fixtures. Opting for vapor-tight lighting saves more energy than general LED lighting.

Low maintenance

Modern LED vapor-tight fixtures have stronger seals than fluorescent seals, enabling them to withstand harsh conditions. The stronger seals make the fixtures last longer hence minimal maintenance costs. Fixtures also have replaceable LED strips and drivers in case of minor damage.

Corrosion proof

The LED vapor fixtures are reinforced with polycarbonate resin that resists fading, warping, rust, and corrosion. The rust-proof characteristic makes them suitable for drill-free mounting.

Uniform illumination

You can use The Four-Foot LED light fixtures for general functioning lighting. They provide eight thousand lumen output and are available in two color temperatures; natural and cold white. LED vapor-tight fixtures produce a brighter light than fluorescents with the same lumen power.

Wide range of applications

You can use vapor-tight LED fixtures indoors or outdoors because they withstand different harsh conditions. You can use them on car washes, cold storage, warehouses and swimming pools. They are available in various forms depending on the size and condition of your premise.

Vapor-tight LED fixtures are covered with a seal that prevents water and dust from entering, altering their functioning. They have an IP rating that shows the conditions the fixture can withstand. Vapor-proof LED fixtures are similar to vapor-tight fixtures but are also sealed against vapors, gases and corrosive fumes. When choosing the appropriate vapor LED fixture for your premise, consider the size of your space and the condition of the environment.



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