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Amazing Stairmaster Benefits To Help You Burn Fat

Step climbing is a popular workout option for many years. For many years soccer players and other athletes raced through the steps at their venues.

One of the most enthralling scenes in the film classic “Rocky” was a shot of the boxing champion climbing those steps to reach the Philadelphia Museum of Art with plenty of energy to the top.

However, instead of relying on your steps at home or outside in the elements to get an effective stair-climbing exercise and benefits, you can reap those same benefits with the StairMaster.

This staple of fitness centers has been in use since the 1980s, however the technology has advanced gradually. The features like heart rate monitoring and calorie-burning calculator were added throughout the years.

benefits of stairmaster
benefits of stairmaster

What exactly is benefits of stairmaster ?

In simple terms it is the StairMaster is an exercise machine that turns steps in a similar manner to a treadmill, permitting the user to ascend according to the pace and duration that he or she chooses. It provides a higher-than-average cardiovascular workout while building lower-body muscles, specifically the following:

  • quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • calves
  • The glutes

Let’s examine a dozen health benefits to having the StairMaster and why it could be worth taking a ride on during your next exercise.

Cardio benefits

Utilizing the StairMaster gives you advantages from head to the toe. If you’re a regular walker or a walker, then the stairs is a nice variation in your fitness routine.

1. Aerobic conditioning

Stair climbing can strengthen the lung and heart — which are essential to fitness. The stronger lungs let you breathe more oxygen, and a more healthy heart can circulate oxygen-rich blood more effectively to the organs and muscles.

2. Calorie burning

The StairMaster is a highly efficient and effective way to lose weight or reducing your weight. A half-hour exercise on the StairMaster will burn between 180 to 260 caloriesor more — according to your body’s weight and the intensity of your exercise.

A speedier “climb” will burn more calories than a session that is slower. A 180-pounder is more likely to be more energetic than a person who weighs 125 pounds performing the same exercise.

The majority of StairMaster machines have calorie-burning calculators that estimate the amount of calories burned in every workout based on your current weight.

benefits of stairmaster
benefits of stairmaster

Strength benefits

Apart from the cardiovascular advantages, StairMasters can strengthen and strengthen your body, which is good for your bones.

3. Strength of the core muscle

Since the use of the StairMaster will require you to maintain your balance throughout the time you’re climbing up and exercising the legs. It provides your core muscles with exercise. Stronger core muscles can help improve posture, avoid lower back pain and decrease the chance of injuries.

4. Healthy bones

Exercises that require weight, like the climb up stairs can decrease your risk of osteoporosis and help manage it if you already suffer from it. Bones are living tissues, and climbing stairs aids in increasing the amount of bone. This is particularly important when you get older because bone loss is natural and tends to increase with age.

5. Stronger quadriceps

The quadriceps fascia is one of the four muscles that are located on the front part of the thigh. These muscles are crucial for running, walking as well as standing up from a seated in a sitting position. The quads are able to straighten or extend the knee, and each time you move from one step to another, you’re strengthening these massive important muscles.

benefits of stairmaster
benefits of stairmaster

6. Stronger hamstrings

Hamstrings are three muscles located in on the side of the thigh, which are in sync together with quads. They aid in bending knees which is why they are crucial for running, walking, or sitting. Every time the knee is bent in order to move up a step your hamstrings will be doing the bulk of the work.

7. Stronger calves

Similar to the muscles in the legs of yours, calves let you to walk, run and jump and are also essential for keeping your balance when standing. The calves contract when you raise your heel to take one step.

If you’re climbing, whether on the StairMaster or your front steps or going up the hill your calves must be pushed to the limit to lift your legs step by step.

8. Stronger glutes

It is believed that the gluteus maximus muscles are situated in the buttocks and are among the strongest muscles that you can find in your body. They are primarily used for moving the hips as well as the thighs. Therefore, getting up stairs is an activity that is heavily dependent on glutes that are strong.

Amazing Stairmaster Benefits To Help You Burn Fat
Amazing Stairmaster Benefits To Help You Burn Fat


Since the StairMaster gives you a fantastic cardiovascular workout, while also strengthening the primary muscles of the lower part of your body that means you’re getting two workouts for the time it takes to perform one. In the end, it will take less time to observe and feel the benefits of your exercise regimen.

If you’ve never exercised often, consider a trial for 5 to 10 minutes for the first couple of days to see the way you feel. You can then increase the time and rate as your workouts become more comfortable.

A note on weight loss

In case you’re obese, dropping just a few pounds can lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood glucose levels as well taking some of the stress on your joints. A workout routine that incorporates aerobic exercise as well as resistance training is the best option to lose weight and improve general fitness.

A StairMaster fulfills both objectives. But, adding stretching exercises, upper body weight training, and a variety of exercises and sports can keep things exciting both mentally and physically.

The final line

If you’ve never tried an StairMaster and aren’t sure how to use it, make an effort to consult with an instructor at your local fitness center or someone who will help you make use of the equipment in a safe manner. Find the personal trainer who has been accredited through the American Council for Exercise within your local area.

Utilizing the StairMaster is a fairly simple exercise, which means you don’t require a lot of instruction or supervision. If you realize that you are able to use it safely and consistently then you’ll be happy with the increase in energy that you experience from better fitness.



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