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Can You Compare Malay vs. Maeng Da Kratom?

Can You Compare Malay vs. Maeng Da Kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical tree found in Southeast Asia. The benefits of the wonder plant are very well known and well established. Choosing one particular strain of the plant is not just as simple. Almost every day, a new strain of Kratom is being discovered or manufactured, so it can be easy to get lost in the sea of options. However, the heavyweights of this competition are mainly two strains, namely the Malay vs. Maeng Da. So, Which one is better? And how to distinguish between them? If these questions also pop up in your head, you have come to the right place.

Kratom plants are grown near the river banks in the forests of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and New Guinea. Alkaloids in the leaves signify to the farmers when is the right time to harvest the plant. You can identify the Alkaloids through their veins, and their color varies depending on the life cycle.

There are four vein colors, namely –

  • White Vein Kratom – Youngest leaves.
  • Green Vein Kratom – Mid-life.
  • Red Vein Kratom – Mature.
  • Yellow Vein Kratom – Created through a drying process.

Each vein color offers something different in taste and property. Therefore, distinguishing the strains into Red, Green, White, and Yellow. The red Kratom is said to be the rarest and most potent. 


The Malay Kratom.

Malay Kratom originates from the regions of Brunei, Indonesia, and parts of New Guinea. The temperature, tropical climate, heavy humidity, and rich soil of these regions are perfect for kratom trees to thrive. The most common is the green vein Malay, then comes yellow, white, and red. As mentioned, different colors offer different potency levels.

Newbies often complain about the taste of the Malay as it is a bit bitter and very sharp. It also has an earthy odor that you get used to after some time and find pleasing. Some users describe the smell as the ones of grass clippings while walking on the wet lawn.

There are a handful of methods that you can look into to experiment with Malay. Kratom extracts, kratom powder, and kratom capsules are readily available. If you want to steer clear of the bitterness of its taste, then you should go for the capsule option. Kratom smoothies and teas are also trending among its users, but they are new to the mix.

The Maeng Da Kratom.

Maeng da roughly translates as “pimp grade” because it is prime Kratom. Maeng da is rich in potency because it is a blend of two different strains. In terms of its aroma and taste, it tastes the same as Malay, just a bit stronger and more bitter. The smell is the same as Malay (freshly cut wet grass). There are different types of Maeng Da, varying in colors and properties. They are detailed below.  

  • Red Maeng Da – 40% white vein and 60% red vein are blended to create this variant.
  • Green Maeng Da – 20 % white and 80% green. However, this ratio varies from product to product, resulting in varying tastes.
  • White Maeng Da – 70% white and 30% green.
  • Plant Maeng Da- 70% green and 30% white veins.

If you want to avoid the bitterness and sharp taste in your mouth, then the straight “toss and wash” option is not for you. Luckily, there are options of capsules, extracts, and powders (to make tea).

Malay vs. Maeng da? 

Honestly, both are strains extracted from the same plant, having the same taste and providing similar effects. Both Malay Kratom and Maeng Da have impressive alkaloid profiles. They are known to be long-lasting and will provide overall balance.

The Red Maeng Da is the most sought-after kratom strain in the market, but that doesn’t mean it is for you, as it has a higher potency level. As mentioned, it all comes down to preference. However, if you are a beginner, you should take it slow and gradually increase your intake as you move forward. If you do not take it slow, your body will get used to high levels of potency, due to which you will build resistance to smaller doses and require higher doses.


There is no correct answer as to which one is the better form of Kratom; both are sought-after, both have an after-taste, and both are light, but only one will be perfect for you. We have provided all the crucial and necessary information that you should know about these strains, from the best  Kratom strain guide to tastes and aroma. Now it’s all up to you to select one that suits your needs. 



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