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Discover What You Should Know About Xpods

Both veteran vapers and newbies have been excitedly discussing Xpods. This discussion usually includes vapers’ interest in Xpod specs, performance, options, and bundles. Vapers also want to know whether the Xpod is preferable to other vaping devices or not. This is because some vapers report that the Xpod is the best vape device since it can be recharged easily, is comfortable to use, and works well. You are just a few minutes away from receiving a brief response. I will give you a summary of all you need to know about ePuffer Xpods in this article. Let’s solve the puzzle!

Essential Facts About Xpods

To evaluate the ePuffer Xpod, there are several details that vapers should be aware of. This section thoroughly examines these facts. Let’s explore each one in turn.

·      Weight: The Xpod container weighs 140 g in addition to the 23 g weight of the Xpod. The ePuffer Xpod is 110 mm in length, 11 mm in depth, and 20 mm in width. Xpods are lightweight and portable when carried. Its mobility and convenience of usage are some factors that make it popular.

·      Battery life: The Xpod’s internal battery has a 375 mAh capacity and takes 45 minutes to completely charge. Additionally, the Xpod from ePuffer operates longer on a charge than many other devices of similar sizes.

·      Outward appearance: The Xpod from ePuffer has an elegant design with functional features that are easy to use. An Xpod’s body features two minuscule juice windows. The hexagonal shape of these windows is the same. Your remaining e-liquid level is displayed in one area, and the Xpod’s battery life is indicated by a little LED towards the bottom of the battery in the second window.

·      Colors: There are just three colors available for all Xpods currently on the market. These colors are violet, navy, and pearl. Each of these three colors has an appealing hue. Aside from that, the color of an Xpod’s body matches that of its cap.

·      Package: Two packages are available for the Xpod. The first bundle contains prefilled cartridges, or pods, whereas the second contains empty cartridges. The Xpod and pods are included in the prefilled cartridge Xpod bundle; the cartridges cannot be filled again once the liquid within has been used up. Before using a blank cartridge Xpod package, you must fill the cartridges with e-juice.

·      Hit process: There are a few similarities between the hit experiences of prefilled and blank cartridge Xpods. They both have an effortless and slick MTL draw. A prefilled cartridge provides a medium throat hit and a clean flavor, whereas a blank cartridge’s throat hit and flavor vary depending on the juice used and the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid.

Concluding Thoughts on Xpods

This ePuffer Xpod review answers some of the questions that many have about Xpods and provides information on things you should know about Xpods before you get Xpods, whether you are a novice or an experienced vaper. Now, you can share this information with your friends.



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