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DO You Know How effective Junel fe contraceptive pill?

Junel fe contraceptive pill ,This combination hormone medication is used for the prevention of pregnancy. It contains two hormones: norethindrone, a progestin, and ethinyl estrogen. It prevents the release of eggs (ovulation) during menstrual cycles. It makes the vaginal fluid thicker, which helps prevent sperm from reaching the egg (fertilization), and alters the lining of your uterus (womb), to prevent fertilized eggs from attaching to it. A fertilized egg that does not attach to its uterus will be removed from the body. Each of the 7 inactive pills taken in the fourth week contains a small amount iron (ferrous fumarate). Inactive tablets do not contain hormones. The inactive pills do not contain hormones.Junel fe contraceptive pill


Junel(r), 1/20 (21 Tablets) (norethindrone estradiol 20 mg tablets, USP) The tablets are packed in three blister cards per carton. 21 round, yellow, flat-faced and unscored tablets are included in each card. Each card is debossed on one side with a stylized b and on the opposite side with 977. (NDC 0555-9025-42).

Junel(r), Fe 1/20 (28 tablets ) (norethindrone-acetate 1 mg, ethinyl Estradiol 20mcg tablets and ferrous fumarate tablet, USP) are packed in blister cards. Each card contains 21 flat-faced light yellow tablets with a beveled edge and unscored edges. 7 brown tablets with a flat-faced and beveled edge are also included. Each brown tablet contains 75 mg ferrous fumarate. Ferrous fumarate tablets can be used to ease drug administration over a 28-day period. They are not hormonal and have no therapeutic value. (NDC 0555-9026-58).

junel fe

Junel(r), 1.5/30 (21 Tablets) Junel fe contraceptive pill  (norethindrone citrate 1.5 mg and ethinyl estradiol 30mcg tablets, USP), are packed in three blister cards. Each card contains 21 flat-faced, pink, round, unscored, flat-faced tablets with 978 debossed on one side and stylized b on the other. (NDC 0555- 9027-42).

Junel(r), Fe 1.5/30 (28 tablets ) (norethindrone 1.5 mg tablets, ethinyl Estradiol 30mcg tablets and ferrous fumarate tablet, USP) are packed in blisters with six blister cards. Each card contains 21 flat-faced pink, flat-faced and unscored flat-edge tablets with stylized numbers 978 and b. 7 brown round, flat, and unscored flat-faced tablets with debossed stylized numbers 247 and b. Each brown tablet contains 75 mg ferrous fumarate. Ferrous fumarate tablets can be used to ease drug administration over a 28-day period. They are not therapeutic and are therefore nonhormonal. (NDC 0555-9028-58).

Keep at 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F). [See USP Controlled Temperature].

Combination oral contraceptives suppress gonadotropins. While the main mechanism is the inhibition of ovulation (which is the primary reason for this action), there are other factors that can affect the effectiveness of the combination oral contraceptives. These include changes in cervical mucus, which makes it more difficult for sperm to enter the uterus, and endometrium which reduces the chances of implantation.


Junel fe contraceptive pill pharmacokinetics have not been studied. However, the following information on Junel’s pharmacokinetics regarding norethindrone estradiol and norethindrone citrate is derived from literature.


Norethindrone is rapidly and completely deacetylated from norethindrone following oral administration. The disposition of norethindrone has been compared to that of norethindrone orally administered (1). After oral administration, both norethindrone-acetate and ethinyl esteradiol undergo first-pass metabolism. This results in absolute bioavailability at approximately 64% and 43% respectively for norethindrone acetate (1-3).


Volume distribution of norethindrone (1-3) varies from 2 to 4 L/kg. Both steroids have a high plasma protein binding (greater than 95%); neither norethindrone nor ethinyl esteradiol binds to albumin or sex hormone bindingglobulin.Junel fe contraceptive pill.


Norethindrone undergoes extensive Biotransformation. This involves a lot of reduction followed by sulfate or glucuronide conjugation. Most metabolites found in the blood are sulfates. However, glucuronides account for the majority of urinary metabolites ((5)). A small amount norethindrone-acetate can be metabolically converted into ethinyl esteradiol. Ethinyl esteradiol is extensively metabolized by both oxidation as well as by conjugation with either sulfate or glucuronide. Urine is dominated by sulfates and glucuronides, which are the main circulating conjugates.

2-hydroxy ethinyl esteradiol is the primary oxidative metabolite. It is formed by the CYP3A4 Ioform of cytochrome P450. The gastrointestinal mucosa is thought to be part of the first-pass metabolism for ethinyl esteradiol. Enterohepatic circulation may be possible for ethinyl estradiol (6).Junel fe contraceptive pill.


Both norethindrone (and ethinyl esteradiol) are excreted in urine and feces as metabolites (5-6). The plasma clearance values of norethindrone (approximately 0.4%/kg) are comparable (1-3).

What side effects should I be concerned about?

WARNING/CAUTION: Some people can experience very serious and even fatal side effects from taking certain drugs. If you experience any of these symptoms or signs, consult your doctor immediately.

Itching, redness, swelling, blistering, or peeling skin, with or without fever, are signs of an allergic reaction.”Junel fe contraceptive pill”.

You may notice signs of liver disease such as dark urine, feeling tired or not hungry, stomach upset or pain, light-colored stool, throwing up, yellow skin, or eyes.

High blood pressure signs include a very bad headache, dizziness, passingout, and changes in eyesight.

Gallbladder problems can be characterized by pain in the upper right abdomen, right shoulder or between the shoulder blades, yellow skin, eyes, fever, chills, bloating, very upset stomach, or throwing up.

A weakness on one side of your body, difficulty speaking or thinking, changes in balance, drooping of the eyes, blurred vision, or trouble seeing.

Depression and other mood changes junel fe


A lump in the breast, soreness or pain in the breasts, or nipple drainage.

Vaginal itching and discharge

Contact lenses may feel different, such as if you have bulging eyes or your eyesight is changing.

Vaginal bleeding or spotting that is persistent or very severe.Junel fe contraceptive pill

If you feel any signs of a bloodclot, such as chest pain, pressure, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, swelling, warmth or numbness in your legs or arms, trouble speaking or swallowing, or pain in your chest, call your doctor immediately.



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