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Do you Know Successfull Story About Snaptic,Earn mony?

Snaptic, a start-up by Steve Brown, receives $2.3M

Excel Venture Management and angel investors provided seed funding of $2.3 million to Snaptic in San Francisco, which is the maker of 3Banana, an Android and iPhone note-taking app. Why did investors choose Snaptic? Snaptic founder Steve Brown, CEO, stated that the app was able to track and maintain information about users‘ health, fitness, and diet.

Brown should be well-known to the mobile healthcare industry. Brown was the founder, builder, and sold Health Hero Network to Robert Bosch in 2007. Brown was then responsible for the commercialization and development of Health Buddy. Snaptic’s current focus is on Brown and how to influence the little choices we make.

“When it comes down to our health it’s the small things that we do each day that make a difference to big problems like chronic disease. Brown recently told Huffington Post that while we are known for being inconsistent about our exercise and diet, smartphones can make it very persistent.” Sometimes all that is needed to motivate us, along with support and feedback, is a little push. Smartphones can be a great way to do this.

Brand recognition doesn’t take long…

You know your brand better than anyone. It is vital to get your insight into the development of a branding solution. There is a brand consultancy organization that specializes in customer-centric solutions and emphasizes the importance of branding services for business growth. SnapTics is a market leader in its niche because it believes that the solution to any problem lies within the problem. This demonstrates that brands are unique in their own way, even though they may be similar to humans.


We have witnessed many innovative businesses fail due to a lack of marketing solutions. We have years of industry experience and recognized the urgent need for effective marketing solutions to increase the brand value of any company. Haritha Chindam claims that our venture’s resounding success is due to our effort to get to know your brand and develop creative communication strategies, while maintaining an emotional connection with it.

As the Managing Director of SnapTics, she is also the founder member. To get a better understanding of the business portfolio, we conducted a virtual interview with Haritha Chindam. Our team was able to learn some amazing business insights from the ‘leading figure’. We believe this will be a fascinating conversation for our global readers.


snaptic was established in 2013. It is well-recognized for its brand consulting services. They can create a strong connection with brand strategy and planning to provide a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions. This is how they have achieved such a high reputation in this sector. The company offers a range of services, including digital marketing and branding strategies. These strategies are designed to create the best business value for the client while promoting their business online across multiple channels.


SnapTics is known for its ability to improve business productivity and benefit its clients. SnapTics is driven by its determination to help clients create a better digital experience. This vision is backed up with a solid plan and execution.


It is obvious that technology has made our lives easier and improved our quality of life. It has been a vital element for the business community. The tech-evangelist claimed that he was sharing his knowledge on technological advancements.


Haritha Chindam, founder and CEO of SnapTics, will soon be leading the launch of two flagship SnapTics pipeline products. One is an online platform for digital marketing that allows any company to select from a range of digital services. Each product is a value proposition that offers targeted clients.

An application-cum-website is another avant-garde product. It provides an opportunity to generate alternative income and allows anyone to do so without too much effort. Anyone can easily turn his “leads” into a business, and then into financial profit.

These flagship products will launch at the start of 2022 and revamp their niches. SnapTics’ snapticcore team will continue to push forward in its determination to be one of the best creative marketing agencies in the world. This will allow SnapTics to launch a new product line that is relevant to its clients in the best way possible.

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