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Easy Ways to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

If you were to ask the average joe on the street about their health, most would say they want to be fit and strong. However, when it comes to doing so, many don’t think about maintaining and protecting the health of their lungs. 

As part of your respiratory system, the lungs are a group of tissues and organs that work together, helping you to breathe. In a nutshell, your lungs keep you alive! This means you should be doing everything possible to improve lung health and keep them working optimally all the way through your life. Here are some easy ways on how to look after and boost your lung functionally, which gives you a better chance of fighting off respiratory viruses and diseases. 

Get to Know Your Lungs

It’s pretty remarkable what goes on inside the body. And you’re forgiven if you don’t pay this enough thought. However, one of the best things you can do is to start learning about your lungs and how vital they are for keeping your body in check. There are many parts of your lungs that make up the two organs. You can check out Ezra who have a guide explaining the base to the apex of lung that can be a real eyeopener. They also detail types of lung diseases and what you can do to lower your risk of getting one. Knowledge is power, so when you learn more about what your lungs do, this can help you going forward in ways to protect them.

Quit Smoking

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the effects smoking has on your lungs. We’re all aware that smoking can increase your risk of lung cancer. In fact, there are no positives attached to this habit. If you want to look after your lungs and keep them in good health, the best thing you can do today is stop smoking. We appreciate this isn’t going to happen overnight, However, if you use the right tools and resources and look for support, this can help enormously in packing the habit in for good.

Reduce Exposure to Air Pollution

Cigarette smoke isn’t the only thing that can cause your lungs to become inflamed. There are other air pollutants that can wreak havoc on these organs. Some things you can do to lower your exposure to outdoor air pollution include keeping an eye on air quality and the air pollution forecast in your local area, especially if you plan to do outdoor activities. You can also consider limiting activities that contribute to air pollution, such as burning wood at home or driving a car.

Stay Active

You may already be aware of how beneficial physical activity is for keeping your heart healthy. But, it’s also fantastic for your lungs. Exercise improves symptoms of some long-term lung conditions too. For those who aren’t a fan of the gym, you can go for a jog, walk, or play a sport that can get your heart pumping. Aim to do 30 minutes of physical activity each day. If you have breathing problems, make sure to speak to your doctor first. They can draw up an exercise plan to ensure you don’t overdo it. 

Check Appliances

Wherever gas burns like in certain ovens, space heaters, and cooktops, it makes a chemical known as nitrous oxide. Unfortunately, this gas can cause inflamed lungs. If you find you’re coughing and wheezing a lot, or have asthma, a cause of this could be down to the appliances in your home. Make sure your appliances are installed correctly. It’s wise to conduct regular maintenance on appliances. If you need to, replacing them with brand-new models may help protect your lungs.

Clean Your Humidifier

Humidifiers are excellent for putting moisture into the air and helping you breathe better. But, if you don’t keep on top of cleaning it, this could develop into airborne fungus. This can infect and inflame your lungs. You must do regular maintenance on your humidifier and change the filters on it. This doesn’t stop at humidifiers either. Make sure you do the same for your air heating and cooling system too.

Breathe Deeply

Practicing deep breathing techniques is beneficial for improving lung function and health. Deep abdominal breathing encourages full oxygen exchange. This can also slow down your heartbeat and lower blood pressure. Pursed-lips breathing may also help with lung function and increase lung capacity. The great thing about deep breathing is you can practice just about anywhere.

Sometimes we take our lungs for granted. As one of the many organs in your body that work alongside each other to keep you fighting fit, it’s time to prioritize your lung health. There are lots of easy lifestyle changes and measures you can take that will protect your lungs and reduce your risk of lung disease, such as those listed above.



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