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How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction – Is It Treatable Without Drugs

Impotency is an issue that is cured through natural remedies and lifestyle intervention. Impotency also known as erectile dysfunction is difficulty in getting a penile erection. It has health and mental underlying reasons that can be addressed to cure it.

Erectile dysfunction drugs help a man to get immediate relief from erectile issues. An ED dose like Levitra 60 mg, a higher dose with vardenafil as an active ingredient, gives a penile erection in less than half an hour. However, some males do not like using drugs to take back sexual life. They prefer natural remedies, home remedies or anything is not medicated. Is it possible to cure impotency without drugs? Let us read.

ED cure without drugs (erectile dysfunction)

Impotency and erectile dysfunction is often used as interrelated terms. This is not the case. Impotency can be from birth. It can be inability of a male to make his partner pregnant. It can involve defect in production of sperm, semen, and lack of motility of sperm or something that is not cured by just medicines. 

Any male who is impotent will know it during the adolescent years. Impotency needs medical treatment. The medical consultations are necessary to try and find the right method of treatment. However, erectile dysfunction is different from impotency. Any man who needs Viagra 120 mg for erection is facing erectile issue not impotency.

Erectile dysfunction is lack of erectile during sexual life. It can be after the 20 or 30 or in later years. When we say a man is facing erectile dysfunction, it means that today he is facing some issues in erection. It does not mean that right from the early years of his life he was facing the same difficulty. A man with vigorous sexual life in 20s and 30s can face erectile issues in 50s due to health issues.

Here, we are taking about impotency that is come with erectile dysfunction. It is totally possible to cure it with a healthy diet and lifestyle changes. 

Healthy diet and lifestyle change 

A healthy diet is sans junk food, smoking and drinking. It also contains green vegetables, leafy dark vegetables, milk, nuts, seeds, fruits and mental satisfaction. Take vitamin B complex diet to increase sexual energy, sexual stamina, production of testosterone, and sperm count.

Along with a healthy diet, you also need exercises to take fresh oxygen and blood to every cell. Exercises will check obesity, lifestyle diseases and lack of generation of energy. Exercises will also ensure smooth flow of blood to various parts of the body. 

Relax mind and spend time with the partner 

You need to invest time in intimacy with the partner. The role of erectile dysfunction drugs is just push blood towards your sexual organ. You will keep the desire for love making intact. The intimacy with the partner, relaxed mind and a healthy body will get back sexual life.

Use herbs to get energy back 

Some herbs relax the body and ensure smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Ginseng, ashwanghanda, shilajit, horny goat weed, etc are some herbs used for male health. Use them with breakfast or before dinner. Herbs take care of many lifestyle issues, such as blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and mental relaxation. 

Natural remedies take time to give result 

Continue with natural remedies to get the permanent result. However, if you are still feeling a soft penile erection, you can use a lower dose like Cialis 20mg for an erection. This single dose will give you power to get an erection in next 36 hours. You need to maintain the intimacy and joy of sex alive to maintain the desire alive. So, that when you are cured of the impotency, you get a penile erection.

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During the treatment period, do not give a gap to love making 

There need not be a gap in love making. A long gap can be difficult to manage later. A gap can lower the desire for love later. So make use of erectile dysfunction generic Cialis 60 mg, but keep the dose in lower quantity. But natural remedies will give you a permanent result. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a diet and healthy routine to keep a sexual life alive. 

So, yes, it is possible to cure impotency or erectile dysfunction with natural remedies without drugs. You need to keep a healthy lifestyle to extend sexual life for years to come.



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