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First Horror Game Phasmophobia Xbox Release

Kinetic Games’ first horror game became a cult hit on Steam. Today, console gamers would like to know if the game will be going to be available on Xbox and if it will be available on other consoles? There have been reports that it’s a PC-only game, the latest news suggests that developers would like to launch phasmophobia xbox to consoles. They’re unable to give an exact date for when that will happen.

Here’s everything you should know about the game’s likely launch date and price for phasmophobia xbox One and Series X/S.

Phasmophobia Game explained

Available currently on Steam as an early access game, phasmophobia xbox is a first-person VR compatible horror game featuring four investigators from the paranormal. The game’s gameplay is based on real-world ghost hunting techniques and tools, including EMF reading to detect abnormalities, Spirit Boxes for talking to spirits as well as Ouija Boards to summon ghosts.

The game is Kinetic Games’ first attempt to create a game that is a bit scary and the studio has never released an online game for PC or consoles prior to.

Is Phasmophobia available on Xbox?

From the year 2022 Phasmophobia can be played via Steam on PCs to play as an early-access game. The game isn’t available via phasmophobia xbox. However, the developers have stated that they will launch it on the mainstream gaming consoles such as Xbox as well as PlayStation.

When will Phasmophobia be a part of Xbox?

In the month of November, 2021 one Reddit user named CJDXN4, one of Phasmophobia’s designers posted the following post: “[Kinetic Games] will release the game on consoles after the game is fully developed. It’s going to take a good amount of time and content is an important consideration currently.”

It’s best to wait until 2024.

It’s possible that the PC version is currently being developed and will not be released in late 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Therefore, you may be waiting until late 2024 or even the beginning of 2025 before you can access Phasmophobia Xbox.

The issue has to do with the fact the fact that Kinetic Games is an indie game studio with a small budget. It’s quite difficult for a team of this size to make a game compatible with various consoles, unless a big publisher purchases its studio, or contributes to its development.

Phasmophobia could be free to play on Xbox

The sale that took place during summer was Phasmophobia was offered at 20% off for $11.19. However, the best news for Xbox players is that it may be available via Game Pass Ultimate for free. Microsoft has expressed an interest in purchasing rights to popular indie games and incorporating them into Game Pass Ultimate’s monthly membership.phasmophobia xbox

However, the rumors haven’t been confirmed as of yet It’s not clear if it’ll be component in Game Pass or not. Game Pass deal or be sold as a separate item.

When you consider the cost average of games by independent developers in 2020 that was around $7.7 It’s likely that Phasmophobia’s retail price will start at around $10 to $15. Even if it is sold separately on Xbox Store, Game Pass members will be able to purchase it for 20 percent discount.

Games like Phasmophobia to play while waiting to see the console Port

However, Phasmophobia is unlikely to arrive on consoles in the coming years. However, that shouldn’t stop players from playing terrifying paranormal activities games.

There are five phasmophobia xbox Xbox games similar to Phasmophobia that you are able to play with Xbox now.

Layers Of Fear

The Medium

Anesia: the Dark Descent

Blair Witch


What is it that makes the Game still in Early Access?

The creators of the game claim, “We wanted to get the game in the hands of players halfway in development to ensure we have the most enjoyable game that we can.”

In this sense, they’ve made the beta to let users can assist in identifying the technical and technical issues and the content requirements.

However, players are in love with the early access version of Steam that currently has more than 300,000 favorable reviews on Steam.

Here’s a quick recap

Phasmophobia is not yet available for Xbox. However, the developers have expressed they are interested in porting it to consoles, after it was Gold on PC.

With the small number that develops games at Kinetic Games, it’s unlikely that the game will be released on phasmophobia xbox or PlayStation in 2024.

It’s also possible Phasmophobia could be a element in The Game Pass Ultimate deal on Xbox in order that customers are able to play it for free. However, nothing has been confirmed from Microsoft’s perspective.



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