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How Many Weight Watchers Avocado Points plus ?

How Many Weight Watchers Avocado Points plus ? It could be a bit odd to write a blog article that addresses this basic question: “How many WeightWatchers points is an avocado?”But, it’s an incredibly well-known question with a complex answer.The avocado has always been an bit…controversial for those who participate in WeightWatchers (WW).¬†Why?¬†I’ll be able to tell you!

Avocado Controversy

Unlike most fruit (and yes, avocados ARE fruit! ), avocados are high in fat. They’re actually ” healthy unsaturated fat,” however for a long time WeightWatchers didn’t distinguish between the two.

It meant that lots of people would consume an avocado thinking “hey, this is fruit, is must be good,” only to look up the WeightWatchers points, only to discover that they’d spent their budget daily. There’s a lot of people who are unhappy about it on this site..

Avocados on WeightWatchers PersonalPoints

All of that changed after the introduction of¬†weight watchers personal points.¬†One thing that was a huge hit with many people was that you can now select to add avocados to your list among your “free” foods.Avocado Points plus

That means they’re an ZeroPoint food if you choose as one of your choices.¬†This means you can have¬†every avocado you’d like and they won’t cost you any points.

However, avocados can cost you lots of points if you don’t take them for free food item.

So How Many WeightWatchers Points is an Avocado?

In the current WeightWatchers system, a “medium” avocado weighing 155g is worth 10 points.Avocado Points plus

But if you opt to add avocados to your list in those “free foods” an avocado is ZERO points.

It’s clear that this is an important difference, and I took exploring inside the app and found out something fascinating.Avocado Points plus

Does Having Avocado As a Free Food “Cost You” Points?

After I removed avocados from my ZeroPoints list and the daily PersonalPoints allowance increased by 3 points each day.

While it’s nice to be able to devour avocados in a flurry but it comes at the cost of points you can use to buy other things.

It’s for me. It isn’t a big deal.¬†I consume an avocado (with shrimps and light mayonnaise, to make a meal that is one point) several times a week.¬†Thus, it’s possible to “lose” 21 points, but I don’t have the need to “spend” 20.Avocado Points plus

It’s not much of a difference however the fact is that¬†should you opt for avocados as a healthy food you’ll have to eat more than one avocado each week for it to be worthwhile..

Tips for Eating Avocados on Weight Watchers

The weight-loss program’s high amount of points awarded to avocados has always been a source of controversy, however you can have these fruits without breaking the bank:Avocado Points plus

  • Eat only half of an avocado at a time. It’s obvious, but half an avocado only means half of the points!
  • DO YOU WEIGH YOUR AVOCADOS? I measured a few “standard” supermarket-size avocados, and the results were close to the weight of 155 grams that WeightWatchers points are calculated on. However, I’ve had small (and bigger) avocados before. It’s worth taking the time to weigh your avocados and pointing them on the weight, instead of the unreliable “medium” size that WeightWatchers offers. It also includes skin and stones and hair – do you want to include those? It’s up to you!

How to Eat Avocados on Weight Watchers

What are the benefits of trying:

  • Simple avocado and shrimps: If there is fish as food item that is a ZeroPoint food item, that is a perfect meal that is zero points.
  • Avocado toast: A favorite of the millennials!¬†This is a great option for those who have chosen avocados as a food item that is free or else the bread addition creates a “pointy” meal.¬†I prefer to smash it with pepper and salt as well as lime juice, and fresh chilli.
  • For a healthy addition to salads It’s a great method to get an avocado taste without breaking the points budget. You just have to consume just a quarter to add bulk and flavour to your green salad.Avocado Points plus


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