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How to become an Instagram Mommies Influencer?

What is Instagram Mom?

Instagram moms are those who post regularly and have an impact on the audience with their profile and social media activities. The difference between Instagram moms and Influencer moms is that influencer moms are smart and have better engagement and impact on audience while Instagram mom has not.

What do we understand from Mom Influencer?

A mom influencer has a large Instagram following that uses her status to influence the behavior of others. Mom influencers, (Instagram Mom) who promote their products or services, work with other brands to promote their lines, share information to educate and inspire their followers, and of course, use their voices to inspire others.

6 Steps to be an influencer mom on Instagram

Write a relatable bio

Introduce yourself to the audience by letting them know who you are and what you can offer to them. Think of people who inspire you and screenshot their bios on your phone if it helps. Look at aspects of each other profiles and what you like most about them. First, know about your audience. Why they should follow you and think of age, hobbies, life stage, etc.

Use a gorgeous profile pic

Use a high-quality picture that makes you approachable to your audience. You are going to be an influencer for your target audience, so think about what you can offer with your pictures. If your main target audience is home-schooling moms, you should not use a bikini photo to influence them. You can suggest the Yerba Mate energy drink for an instant energy boost with low caffeine and sugar content.

Follow the profiles that inspire you

Find and follow the Instagram mom’s influencer’s account that you like and unfollow the accounts which irritate or say something bad about you. There are thousands of influencers but you have to find someone to whom you can relate to your account. Browse recommended accounts and check out their posts, reels, and stories and save the posts and reels you love or want to recreate within the app and your album name accordingly. Enjoy your life moments drinking Mate Mate energy drink for an instant energy boost.

Create valuable content

I know, I know that you love your kids but posting their photos all the time won’t make you an influencer and won’t grow your Instagram followers. One can look at your baby and even like the photos but most of not going to follow you. Believe it or not, your followers want to know you. Other successful Instagram followers I know create content about:

  • Working from home
  • Mom fashion
  • Postpartum body positivity
  • Home décor
  • Wellness
  • Food and cooking

Your content should have value for your followers. Create content that people were eagerly looking to see. Think of what your talent is and how you can showcase it to others. Create valuable content that people like to see again and again.

Plan your content schedule

Finalize a posting schedule and how often you are going to share it with others like every day either once in a week or twice a week. You might be busy with your life and kids and don’t have time for posting. I make money through blogging and it is my family priority. You can also schedule your posts at different times with good captions, hashtags, and lots more.

Post at the right times

Since the life of an Instagram post is about 1-2 days and you must know when to post which is equally important as your content creation and hashtag creation. You can different tools online for scheduling posts and also offer various features. Be consistent with your posting and be a great Instagram influencer.

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