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How to Eliminate Bad Odor From Your Clothes

It is disappointing to wait for a couple of hours at the laundry service, only to find out your clothes still have a bad odor. You expect them to be clean and fresh-smelling when you wash your clothes. So, why do your clothes have a funky smell? You have to understand where the odor comes from and the effective method to remove the smell that lingers in your laundry.

Here are some of the common laundry odors and how to eliminate them:

Sweat and Body Odor

It is common for us to sweat when we are working out, having anxiety, or walking in the scorching heat. For either of these causes, sweat is the most common reason. When sweat interacts with the secretion and bacteria, it produces a funky smell.

If you leave your clothes in a tight hamper or in a gym bag, it gives bacteria a chance to proliferate. Immediately wash your clothes after going to the gym. Some do not have time to do their laundry as soon as possible. If your schedule is hectic, it is best to appoint a laundry pickup to wash your clothes on the same day. 

Perfume-based Odors

Some perfumes linger longer in clothing fibers, resulting in adverse health effects like allergic dermatitis, eczema, and asthma attacks. You might actually wash the scent into your clothes, especially when using dryer sheets; it makes the fragrance cling longer on your clothes.

You can eliminate these lingering fragrances by washing your clothes and linens with a fragrance-free laundry detergent or treating them with a baking soda. 


Clothes that are not properly dried become a breeding ground for fungus. You have to ensure that your clothes are completely dried before putting them away in your closet. It is best to line dry your clothes outdoors to dry them properly and eliminate the odor as well. Meanwhile, if you are doing laundry at a laundromat, ensure you have dried your clothes well. Storing damp clothes is the easiest way to have mildew on your clothes.

Smell Comes from the Machine

It is common for front-load washers to have a stranger smell because the rubber ring around the door hosts mold growth if not cleaned regularly. Thus, you have to spray vinegar and wipe the rubber gasket regularly to ensure bacteria and molds do not accumulate on the rubber gasket. It is also best to run a cycle with two cups of vinegar.

Meanwhile, if you have a top-load washer, clean it by running a cycle with 4 cups of vinegar. Let the vinegar solution soak for an hour before draining the tub completely. 

Final Takeaway

The only way to have your clothes cleaned and good smelling is to eliminate the persistent smells by washing them often and adequately. Whichever laundry method you use, make sure to check the wash care labels on your clothes to protect the fibers. But, you should also remember that the sour funky smell might also come from your machine. 



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