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How to Get More Superfoods into Your Diet

There is no question that healthy eating is ideal for proper bodily and brain function. But depending on your situation, eating healthy on a consistent basis can be a challenge. Aside from the high cost of many healthy foods, it can also be difficult to figure out what to eat or what tastes good. Adding superfoods to any meal is a great way to promote health in both the body and mind. And with consistent healthy eating habits, people are more likely to experience long-term health benefits that contribute to a good quality of life. Keep reading for tips on how to get more superfoods into your diet.

Add Supplements

Whether for personal or health reasons, some people are not able to consume the proper nutrients their bodies need. This is where supplements come in. Adding supplements to your diet—whether using a superfoods powder or a multivitamin in capsule form—can help meet the need for balanced nutrition and wellness support. While it is still important to consume superfoods that are rich in the nutrients that the body needs, supplements can help fill the gaps in areas of health that need it most. For the sake of personal health, it is important to pay attention to what the body needs and lacks, and consuming this nutrition via superfood supplements can help address this on an ongoing basis.

Modify Salads

One of the most common ways to consume superfoods of all kinds is to eat them in the form of a leafy salad. Tomatoes are a salad favorite, but other veggies also deserve their flowers. Beyond this staple, superfoods that tend to make the cut also include mushrooms, spinach, scallions, and broccoli. But veggies shouldn’t get all the credit. Fruits such as avocados, blueberries, and mandarin oranges are also known to make a salad more interesting. But why stop there? Other superfoods like walnuts and almonds add a little something extra to a meal as well—the salad possibilities are endless.

Make Smoothies

Depending on the time of day or simply the mood, not everyone has a taste for a full-course meal or a veggie overload. That’s where smoothies come into play. Drinking a smoothie is a great substitute for eating a standard meal, delivering the proper nutrients according to the ingredients. Berries, mangoes, and bananas are a few smoothie staples, but there are other superfoods that can be added to a smoothie without being noticed. For example, when blended, spinach becomes so chopped so finely that it is not noticeable to the taste in a smoothie. This makes for a great way to sneak something green into your diet. Greek yogurt as a substitute for milk is another superfood to add, giving the smoothie a thick texture and a sweet taste.

Switch up the Snacks

Snacking throughout the day is normal, but depending on the snack choice, snacking can feel unfulfilling or counterproductive. Most people reach for the go-tos—chips, cookies, and crackers. And while no food is off-limits, there are superfoods that can stand in as healthy snacking alternatives. For something sweet, a parfait made with oat-topped yogurt and fruit addresses the sweet tooth while replenishing protein. And, spreading some avocado on a piece of toast adds some healthy fats to your diet. Even snacking on some carrots and celery with almond butter can serve as a superfood snacking alternative to try.


Try Something New

Foods outside of familiarity can be intimidating. Even if the food is familiar but uncommon in someone’s everyday diet, there can be understandable hesitation when it comes to trying something new. But here’s the great thing about trying new foods and recipes: you just might love it! Search for recipes in cookbooks and online foodie sites that include superfoods you already like or are willing to try. These meals don’t have to be superfoods only, but ensuring that they are at least in the recipe will help achieve the goal of including more superfoods in your diet. If you like it, stick with it and try different variations of that recipe. If you don’t like it, identify what you don’t like and avoid this when searching for a new recipe. After all, the point is to keep trying new things. Diversifying ingredients is the key to eating a variety of superfoods that are both nutritious and delicious.

Consuming superfoods is a good start to reaching wellness goals and there are countless ways to go about it. Eating healthy isn’t always easy, but it’s possible with some know-how about superfoods and some small behavioral changes. Finding ways to add superfoods to each meal doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming—it can be inexpensive, fulfilling, and fits into varying lifestyles. In all, superfoods can contribute to a super life. Figure out what works best for you and dig in—happy eating!



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