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How to Get Rid of Keloids From Piercings ?

Scars are available in a variety of shades, textures and sizes. Some scars shrink and smoother and less obvious with time.How to Get Rid of Keloids From Piercings ?

However, for around 10 percent of the population even minor injuries could result in scars that are big, raised and dark-colored.

They go beyond the initial injury to the skin and can persist in the course of the passage of time. These kinds of scars are called keloids.

Keloids are why they are the problem?

Although they are not attractive, those with keloids may be concerned about issues that go beyond cosmetics. Keloids may cause tightness, discomfort or even limitations in movement if they are located near joints like the ankle or knee.

The over-extension of the skin may cause itching and due to their bigger size, keloids can be likely to rub on clothing, which can cause irritation.

As with all scars Keloids aren’t easy to treat. However, advances in medical science are being made in treatment for keloids which could offer promise.

The prevention of keloids by taking the proper care of wounds and avoiding any injury of the skin for example puncturings, is the most effective method for people who are susceptible to developing Keloids.

Keloids symptoms

Keloids may possess the following characteristic features:

It will appear and then grow slowly. It could take anywhere from three months to 1 year before you notice the first indications of an ketosis. Then , it can take weeks or even months for it to expand. Sometimes, they increase slowly over a period of time.

The first sign of keloid is an elevated red, pink or scar that is purple or red. Keloids are typically an raised scar with an unflat surface. The color can become darker over time. It is usually lighter than the skin of the person with the border appearing more dark than the middle.

Feels different from the skin that surrounds it. Some keloids feel soft and soft and doughy. Some are tough and sticky.

how to get rid of keloids from piercings
how to get rid of keloids from piercings

Itching, pain and itching or. When they are growing, some keloids could be tender, itchy, or painful. These symptoms generally disappear after the keloid has stopped growing.

Keloids can appear anyplace in the body. They’re most prevalent in the shoulders, neck, back, chest and ear. They range in size from less than an inch, to twelve inches and more.

Treatment of Keloids isn’t an easy process, which is why doctors often use combination therapies to achieve better results. treatments like:

Corticosteroid injections

Corticosteroids can be directly injected into keloids which help shrink and smooth the appearance of the nose bump. A couple of shots of corticosteroids is required for the desired results.

As per the American Academy of Dermatology, 50 to 80 percent of keloids will shrink following these injections, however there is a possibility of repeating effect after a few years.

Retinoid creams

Studies suggest that the application of retinoid creams to treat the nose’s piercing bumps can lessen the size and itching of the Keloids.


Cryotherapy is more effective for small keloids. This is done by using extremely low temperatures to rid of nose-piercing bumps.

In this way, it is possible to reduce the volume and the strength of keloid decreases. It could take several sessions of cryotherapy to achieve the desired outcomes.

Treatment with lasers Keloids From Piercings

Laser treatments can decrease its size and redness and discoloration of Keloid that is typically performed in conjunction and other procedures.


The surgical thread tacked to the bottom of the nose and piercing bumps with a tight seal so that it can cut through it through the keloid and fall off.

This is usually done with large Keloids, as well as those with stalks.

Removal of a surgical instrument

Surgery can create the possibility of a new wound in which the possibility of a new keloid is present. Thus, keloids can reappear following surgery. To stop recurrence, additional treatments are possible like treatment with radiation treatments.

Dressing or earring that is pressured

This procedure is carried out following the removal surgically of a keloid in order to avoid the recurrence.

The area that is surgically treated is put under pressure in order to reduce the flow of blood in the area. This prevents the formation of an entirely new Keloid Piercings.

About 90 to 100 percent of patients can be benefited from this type of treatment.

How to Get Rid of Keloids From Piercings ?

Keloids are difficult to treat. If you’re susceptible to developing them, try these steps to decrease your chance of developing another one:

If you notice that the skin around the perforation becoming thicker and thicken, you must be quick to stop the development of the development of a Keloid. Take off your earring and consult your doctor to wear an earring that is pressure-sensitive.

If you’ve had an ear keloid before, don’t ever pierce your ears once more.

If anyone within your immediate family suffers from keloids, consult your dermatologist to conduct an examination in a private area prior to receiving tattoos, piercings or cosmetic surgical procedures.

If you are aware that you suffer from keloids and need surgery, you should let your physician know. They may be able employ special methods to lower your chance of developing.

Care for any new piercings or cuts. Cleansing the wound will lower the risk of scarring.

Utilize the gel or silicone patch following any new injuries or piercings.

How to Get Rid of Keloids From Piercings ?


Keloids are difficult to treat, and it’s recommended that you seek the advice of your physician. Many people who suffer from keloids in their ear or in other places, respond best to a mix of treatments.

If you suspect that you are likely to develop the condition, there are actions you can take to attempt to stop the formation of future keloids. It is recommended to speak with an experienced dermatologist who can recommend a mixture of different options.How to Get Rid of Keloids From Piercings ?



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