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How to Log in WPC2026?

What Exactly is “WPC2026”?

WPC2026 WPC2026 is a service on the web that lets you watch live sabong contests – cockfighting – on the internet. You can bet on those who believe that his cock will be the winner. It’s an old Philippine traditional sport.

WPC2026 Login Requirements:

  • You will require Internet-connected devices.
  • To login, go to WPC2026’s website by clicking this link https://wpc2026.live/. To do so, you’ll need a user account. You can also sign up or sign to one if you do not have one.
  • You must be aware of what your credentials for login are, like the username as well as your password.

WPC2026 Login Instructions:

  • Visit  website or go to https://wpc2026.live/ for more information.
  • When you are on the site after logging in, you will be able to be presented with the WPC2026 portal screen.
  • It is necessary to write your username there.
  • In the next step, you’ll need to type in your password.
  • Select “sign in to your account” after entering your username and password.
  • You’re now signed in.

WPC2026 Registration:

  • Go to the registration page to sign up for WPC2026. To continue, click this link. https://wpc2026.live/register
  • The next step is that in the next step, you have to type the username you would like to use and that is your username. Your username must be unique.
  • Enter the password you wish to use, it is the password you use to access your identification. It is crucial to recognize the password.
  • Check your password again by entering it once more. it.
  • Enter your initials here.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Please provide an email address from the Philippines.
  • Copy or paste in your Facebook account’s URL for the reason of linking the profile to your Facebook account. It’s up to you.
  • It is important to have to indicate your birth date by using the month’s day month, year, and day.
  • Find your income source (Salary when you are employed by the company, Business if you have own business and Other if do not manage or work for a company).
  • Check the terms and conditions as well as privacy policies boxes. When you click in these areas, you agree to these terms and conditions and privacy policies. When you click on the terms and conditions as well as privacy guidelines on their website, they’ll allow you to take just a few minutes reading their terms and conditions.
  • You must be at least 21 years old. The minimum age for entry is 21 at least.
  • “Register” should be selected.
  • It was a success to register.

Forgot Password: WPC2026

  • Log in to the WPC2026 login page or go to the home page of the site. Visit https://wpc2026.live/ for more information.
  • Under the “sign in to your account” box, you will see the words “forgot your password,” that you must click.
  • If you are able to access your mobile number, choose “reset password through mobile phone,” alternatively, choose “reset password via email.”
  • Once you’ve settled on your choice then enter your username as well as your email address and the number of your phone, then hit “send password rest code.”
  • A notice is sent out to either your mobile number or email. You will receive an access code.
  • Design the Portal code.
  • You’ll be asked for an account password.
  • To ensure that your new password is correct Make sure you type it in once more.
  • Your password has been recovered.

WPC2026 Advantages

  • and amuse and entertain yourself.
  • You can observe a live game and bet the player who will win.
  • There are two kinds of people who live in the world that are: those with funds who are able to bet on players by registering in the ranks of members and with no money that can improve their sabong by registering as players.
  • The process of passing time with it can be fun.
  • It also shows which cock is most powerful across the globe.
  • The public can judge the conduct of a cockroach and its cause through live broadcasts on WPC2026.

Features Of WPC2026 Portal:

  • WPC2026 broadcasts live cockfighting games.
  • Since it is a website that is approved by the government, anyone can trust it being secure.
  • Anyone who signs up as a participant has the chance to showcase his capabilities and earn different rewards in the form of money.
  • Anyone who is an account holder can bet on other players and play online from any place.
  • It makes use of a safe way to pay (cash to cash in, and then out). It is not prone to fraud and is a safe and secure system.


  • Not only can you view live games on the WPC2026 but you can also bet on the performance of athletes.
  • It is played by players and spectators (members).
  • The participants compete as the crowd bets and bets.
  • It’s possible that your gambling skills could improve as a result of playing and watching others’ gambling abilities.


  • We should not be fighting with one another as human beings and we shouldn’t allow any animal to fight with one another as long as we do not force them to do it during a game.
  • It is only available exclusively in the Philippines.
  • Humans can be more greedy due to activities such as gambling. This makes people not only angry but also selfish as if they were animal.


The WPC2026 platform is online on which you can live stream fighting matches between cockfighters, also called sabong. It is possible to bet on participants. There’s an entire new realm of sports entertainment and betting where players and players participate in both ways.



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