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How to Lose Weight or Obesity without Medication?

Never call a patient “Obese”. Label him/her as overweight

The secret of losing weight is to burn off more calories than you consume.How to Lose Weight ? lets discuss….


So the patient must learn to calculate the calories consumed as well as the ories burnt, and maintain the balance veryday

Calculating the calories Consumption :

The calories consumed can be calculated by referring to the table provided below. Remember the calorie content of every food serving that you eat and add it up mentally as you eat. Calculate the present consumption of calories, and set a target.

There are two important factors to understand while reducing weight.

Firstly, compare the amount of exercise required to consume a food article eaten. Eg,

Two Jilebis or a Sada Dosa give 200 calories, which require 45 minutes of walking to consume them. Your day’s exercise may be nulled and overcome in a few seconds, by a smail calorie-rich snack.

Secondly, There is a limit for a person that how much exercise required in a day . An average a normal person  cannot run or exercise simultaneously  for more than 30 minutes .so he can burn less than 300 calories through exercise everyday! So remember that what you eat and how much calories burn in a day is so important.

How to Lose Weight

Burning the calories:

  Average Consumption  Adult Male (60 Kg)  Adult Female (50 kg)  
Light work   (Sedentary)  16001400
Moderate  20001600
  Heavy work   (Laborer)  26002200
  • ½ hour of walking      -130 calories
  • ½ hour of jogging       <-300-350calories
  • or running
  • ½ hour of light            -50 calories
  • activity like writing.
  • driving ½ hr of swimming = 250 calories

.           ½ hour of cycling    150 calories

         V hour of aerobic  exercises -250 calories

           1 hr of no exercise or sleep. -60 calories

A person loss their calories in a day ave. 1600 cal without any you have to burn more calories for overweight.

Make the exercise entertaining A 45 minute daily walk in the morning is the best and most recommended exercise. A stationary bike may be placed in front of the TV so that you do not feel bored.

Tips on Eating:

As a first step let us learn about the choice of food available. Fasting is not the right way to lose weight but periodical fasting can be prefer for weightl oss.

How to Lose Weight or Obesity without Medication

What not to eat?

Avoid milkbutter, ghee, cheese, cream. Oil should be minimum.

Avoid deep fried foods like Puries. Bhujees, Potato chips, etc Avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes, beet,

nuts, yam. Avoid fruits with sweet pulp like Bananas, Mango, Chickoos, and

Grapes Avoid chocolates, cakes, pastries, ice creams, jams.

What should be eat:

Large volume of soup can  be your first meal, followed by a good volume of salads  prepared

with green vegetables . This will prevent you from taking extra servings of the meals. Drink plenty of water, and diluted buttermilk Avoid rice (Don’t exceed half a wati) Take rotis or phulkas, without any oily substances. The quantity should be about Sath of the usual meal of that person but not exceeding 2 roties.

The Bhaji servings should be prepared from Green leafy vegetables, onions cauliflower, lady’s finger, radish, turnips, mushrooms, sprouted pulses The preparations should be made in minimum or no oil. Oil may be substituted  by gravy of tomato, onion, garlic & ginger, for taste , Sabji and fried vegetable.

For Tiffin, take recommended fruits, vegetables, and low fat (skimmed) milk. Black tea without sugar has negligible calories. Use Sugarfree (Aspartame) instead of sugar – in tea, coffee or milk.

Develop healthy eating habits:

  • Two large meal is not allowable in a day because It leads to overeating due to hunger.You should  Take snacks in between. It is advisable to eat a good breakfast, and light lunch and dinner. At the same time avoid eating in between.
  •  Eat slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly,its help for digest your food quickly.
  • You should not  finish up the leftovers of food ..Use nonstick cooking ware for cooking for minimising oil.
  • “How to Lose Weight ” content written by doctor named Dr vaidya



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