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How Works Nurish by Nature Made ?

What Is Nurish by Nature Made?

Nature Made by Pharmavite is a well-established nutritional supplement company established in 1971.

They have a broad range of nutritional supplements and are well-known for their quality and scientific proof of their products.

Nature Produced by Pharmavite is distinct due to its constant focus on research and scientific studies, clinical trials, as well as an extremely strict Supplier Code of Conduct. This is why the products are sold at a variety of stores across the nation. (1)

Nature Made was the first supplement company to have its products certified with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) an independent, non-profit organization that checks the purity, quality and effectiveness of nutritional supplements.

Nurish is the Nature Made’s own version of an individual vitamin subscription. It’s a great way to test Nature Made products without committing to buying multiple products to test what works best for you.

How Nurish Works

When you sign up for your monthly vitamin plan, you begin by taking a test. The test asks you questions about your diet goals gender, age and more lifestyle-related questions.

After you have completed the test the site’s algorithm suggests the right vitamins for you in a customized monthly supply to help you meet your goals for health.

Nature Made’s dedication to science pure, potency, and quality is probably the reason they have been a thriving firm for dietary supplements and also why Nurish is an excellent choice to get a customized vitamin program.

nurish by nature made

The most distinctive feature in Nurish by Nature Made is that it’s available for buy through Walgreens in addition to on the internet.

While some personalized vitamin products have teamed up with retailers across the country, Nurish was the first to do this.

Overview of Nurish Product Line

Nature Made is a well-respected brand that has been in existence for quite a while. Their products are tested by a third party to ensure purity and effectiveness.

Nurish has more than 30 products. This includes:

  • Omega-3s
  • Multivitamins
  • Minerals and vitamins that are single vitamin
  • Herbal supplements


All of them are exactly the same as you would get from buying an individual product purchased from Nature Made and are likely identical products, but packaged differently into Nurish Daily packs.

My Experiment with Nurish

I took the test and was advised 5 different products. My top issues are sleep, stress and overall health.

The survey suggested a multivitamin, magnesium, omega-3 vitamin D, vitamin C.

I think these suggestions are a good start for me based on the way I responded to the test.

My primary concern with the suggestions my doctor gave me is the fact that my multivitamin has vitamin C and D, consequently, I’m not sure what the reason was for me to be given to take more of these vitamins.

There’s not a lot of information on the reason these specific products were suggested.

If I were to take the multivitamin as well as the vitamin D recommended to me, I’d receive 6000 IU a day.

This is a very high amount of daily vitamin D. I’d be reluctant to suggest that people take this dose without having a blood test or some other kind of clinical evaluation.

If you have any questions regarding your suggestions, there’s a chat box that is located on sales’ page, which says “speak with one of our specialists.”

There is no evidence of the expertise of the experts who answered the questions.

When I clicked on that box, it didn’t appear as if it was a live chat, but it was merely a method of sending an email message to the organization.

Side Effects and Safety

Based on your answers to the test, each person will get a different suggestion. Therefore, it is hard to assess the risks or dangers of each product.

My biggest concern is that there is no check for interaction between drugs and nutrients in the test. It’s also unclear whether there are real health or nutrition experts who are involved in answering questions from customers.

It is also a source of concern that I was given this high dosage of vitamin D as a fat-soluble vitamin, which has the potential for toxicity. If I knew that I was in deficiency of Vitamin D, then I wouldn’t recommend such a dose. (2)

Before you take any supplement You should talk with your physician to be sure that the supplements are suitable for you.


The monthly price of Nurish will vary depending on the products you recommend. The range of each product is from $4 and $15 per month. This is quite affordable for supplements to your diet.

The price you will pay will depend on the product you choose. For the five items I suggested the cost would be around $25 per month, with free shipping.

This is a great price when you compare it to other brands that offer similar customized supplements.

You may also decide to remove or add items that are not in your suggestions, which will alter the monthly price.

Making your own vitamin “packs” can save you money over the long term. With these already-prepared packs it is not necessary to spend money on products that you do not like or require.

Many brands will reduce the price of their products by 10 percent to 15% or even more once you sign up that can also reduce your expenses.

How Nurish Compares to Alternatives

Personalized vitamin supplements are extremely well-known. These services give the confidence of consumers to assist to select the best supplements appropriate for them.

While Nurish does a great job of identifying health issues that are general however, I believe it is lacking certain essential features.

Persona, for instance, is a drug-nutrient interaction test prior to giving recommendations for supplements. This is a crucial element that is not included in the Nurish test.

Other companies, such as Hum Nutrition and Persona, permit customers to send messages or call an dietitian or other health expert to inquire about your suggestions.

Nurish is a chat service that has an online option, however it’s not clear who is at the other side of the chatbox.

Additionally, other companies such as Baze or Ombre offer blood tests or microbiome tests prior to providing recommendations for products. This means that the products will be more customized in line with the results you have obtained.

The Bottom Line

Nurish by Nature made is an excellent choice for those searching for a reputable company that offers a customized vitamin and supplement service.

The advice I received following having taken the test were pretty simple and could make solid suggestions for anyone looking to begin taking vitamins daily to alleviate general health issues. However, it is recommended to consult your physician before taking any nutritional supplements.

Because Nature Made being so science-focused I’m surprised Nurish does not offer more to customers with regard to professional assistance from a dietitian or another provider to help assist with questions about their products.

In the end, Nurish is an affordable and dependable option for people who want to start on the right path to dietary supplements.



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