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Is liquid iv good for you ?

Liquid IV is perfectly okay to consume depending on circumstances, but it is not a potion to improve the quality of your health. Here’s a breakdown of its potential benefits and drawbacks:Here’s a breakdown of its potential benefits and drawbacks:Is liquid iv good for you ?

Potential Benefits:

• Replenishes Electrolytes:

Liquid IV is a hyper-tonic solution containing, mainly, sodium and potassium, as electrolytes. These minerals are used in the body for carrying of water as well as for the provision of muscle contractions and nerve impulses. It is beneficial if you are losing a lot of fluid through respiration or if you are just plain hot in summer or sick and are losing many elements through exaggerated sweating.

• Improves Hydration:

Controversies surround Liquid IV’s composition of electrolytes and sugar which makes it to transport fluids into the bloodstream better than water, which could assist in the rehydration process for individuals who do not drink enough water.
• May Aid Recovery: Liquid iv can be useful after exercise or any other time where the body might have dehydrated due to illness for instance, this can help bring the electrolytes back in the body and potentially assist in the healing process.
Drawbacks to Consider:

• Limited Scientific Research:

There are no substantial studies that are independent and focus exclusively solely on the benefits of Liquid IV to a person’s health. While most of the research has been done on the significance of taking electrolytes in general and not about the formulation in Liquid IV.

• High Sugar Content:

That is a lot of sugar in a single-serving size of Liquid IV; indeed, making it a product with mainly added sugar. This can be a problem for those on a diabetic diet or pre-diabetic or anyone who needs to avoid added sugars.

• Unnecessary for Most People:

If you are healthy, drinking water or adequately hydrate and consume normal diet, then you don’t need to take electrolytes supplements as you get them from your diets. Liquid IV becomes interesting to athletes and people who basically sweat too much, or are dehydrated for some reason.

• Cost:

Concerning the cost of using Liquid IV, it may be slightly costly compared to plain water or even using electrolyte tablets.
Before you jump on the Liquid IV bandwagon, consider these points:Before you jump on the Liquid IV bandwagon, consider these points:

• Focus on Hydration First:

Plain water is the best to take and should be the only thing to take other than water and foods you intend to drink on. The recommended amount of water consumption is eight glasses a day, seven days a week but this may vary depending on the intensity of activities and the kind of climate.

•Electrolytes from Food:

Most of the healthy foods are sources of electrolytes since certain minerals found in them act as electrolytes. These minerals are available in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy foods which make it possible for the body to receive a steady supply if taken regularly.

• Consult a Doctor:

If you have any issues regarding potential slump, depletion of electrolytes or are suffering from any health problem you must consult the doctor prior to LIquid IV consumption. They can therefore help you plan and recommend the best option depending with your circumstance.

All in all, Liquid IV can be useful if it is necessary to replenish microelements’ balance after exercises or in case of dehydration. But it is not an ultimate solution for a healthy diet and correct water consumption regimes and rituals. Thus, for the majority of subjects, water and proper nutrition are enough to provide the body with the necessary electrolytes.

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