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Is The Semenax supplement Good in Your Sexual Life ?

Semenax is a natural supplement which has been used by a large number of men for increasing your sexual performance .

What is this formula?
The formula is protected by patents and comes with a wide range of natural ingredients that you can learn on on this page. It is important to remember the fact that Semenax makes use of the same ingredients from pharmaceuticals that are in products that are sold at the biggest online supermarkets, and is in compliance with the cGMP guidelines.

Why should you trust Semenax?

1. The product is made by the well-known Canadian drug business Leading Edge Health, which has been in the market for more than 15 years.

2. The company has made available studies, certifications and other vital medical documentation that differentiates a certified and authentic product from counterfeits.

3. After conducting different studies on, I realized that certain extracts actually boost the production of sperm. Then, I thought is this true? Does it have the potential to work?

4. To test whether the Semenax supplement was effective I went to forums and I read a variety of conversations on websites like Quora as well as Reddit. I visited places where real men address their sexual issues and shared the results they have experienced.

Key Factor :

  • Pricing: 1 month supply $59.95 3 month supply 3 month supply – $154.95 6-month supply – $289.95 12 month supply – $399.95
  • Ingredients:Swedish Flower Pollen, L-Arginine HCL, L-Lysine, Epimedium Sagittatum, Butea Superba, L-Carnitine
  • Advantages 3 times the amount of semen available, a longer orgasm, shoot huge loads, and experience more control over orgasm
  • Results(First/Max):30 days/360 days
  • Money-back:67-day
  • Delivery: free global shipping on some packages

The treatment is carried out as per the research document :

Editor’s note: The original text has been preserved. The patient‘s information has been deleted to ensure their privacy.

First Week: I joined the study to address my small issue that was 4.8 inches. Within two hours of beginning the treatment, I started to feel the results. My penis began to tingle (but it didn’t hurt) and slowly, it started expanding. After a few days it was already measuring 5.6 inches. I did nothing, as it was totally automatic. Six days later I gained one additional inch. The result was 6.1 inches! I started to feel more confident, and I even did not sleep with my roommate, who always wants to perform the dirty. At the end of the day she said that she had never met a man who had offered her this many arousals in a short time.

Third Week: The way I’m feeling is better than ever. I feel more energetic when I’m in bed and don’t feel ashamed to remove my pants. This is definitely due to the fact that I have gotten rid from the burden of having to manage tiny penis. I can get my penis to work for 20 to 30 minutes and my penis does not get soft and it’s expanded 1.2 inches further. My penis has grown at present, to 7.3 inches over the course of three weeks, that’s 0.8 inches each week. Being able to have a larger penis, and having sex for longer is quite amazing. In the end, I am happy having it, and I am able to satisfy the woman I’m with.

4th Week: After four weeks the moment of truth was here. My penis reached 7.6 inches. I didn’t think it would be that large! Plus, I can keep my erection up even after I come. I was at a party and connected with a girl to check whether everything was working. She went insane after she saw how hot I am! Later, I had a blast watching her come. We fought for nearly 41 minutes. I gave her five orgasms and tried nearly every way. And now, finally I am confident that I can connect with any woman I want and not need to be concerned regarding the length that my penis.

Semenax results(before/after) month by month revealed

1st month of Semenax

When I started taking these pills daily all day over the course of two weeks, I noticed the sensations of ejaculation that were new. My orgasm was longer, it became more intense and emotional and I didn’t need my erections or sex to get stronger.

2nd month of Semenax for 2nd month.

In the five- to six-week period I noticed that my ejaculation was longer and I also had more Sperm. This was acknowledged not only by me , but as well by my sexual partner.

Is it safe for you?

Seminars are available to people aged 18 or older. The pills are made of various plant-based herbal extracts and berries which have been utilized in antiquated remedies for many centuries. Semenax is a natural supplement which has been used by a large number of men for increasing your sexual performance. The manufacturer states it has “There have been no reports of severe side effects after the use of this supplement by any of our customers.” So, in response to the question “is the effects of male enhancement safe Semenax safe?’ they recommend taking it for at least three months to reap the best benefits , and then continue to use it when you are pleased with the outcomes.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has evaluated a product labeled Semenax capsules. The results showed that:

they contained an undeclared substance Yohimbine.

Consumers are warned to know that Yohimbine is considered an only prescription drug and is therefore not allowed for importation into Australia.

The Yohimbine-based product that was tested was a counterfeit of the capsules Semenax.

The sale of Semenax capsules (counterfeit or not) is prohibited in Australia

The capsules of Semenax (counterfeit or other) have not been evaluated by the TGA for safety, quality or effectiveness as required by Australian laws.

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