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All you need to know about Non Alcoholic Beer

There are some bad sayings about non alcoholic beer. After hearing about those bad sayings. The question must be arising in your mind that “is it bad”?

In early phases non alcoholic beer used to be very smelly. The reason of this is that only source of making alcohol was only brewing. We can say that it was only commercial place where beer can be found and it was only place where beer used to make commercially. In this era now many other microbrewery are now starting to produce and manufacture non alcoholic beer which have low amount of alcohol present in beers. These freshly microbrewery are now offering these beers over the world except few countries. Mostly in Europe these non alcoholic beers are very famous especially in Germany they are quit famous there. Germany is producing their own products of non alcoholic beers. If you able to get the taste of these products then you are lucky they are worth trying it. Crafty brewer are putting too much efforts in non alcoholic beer but still people are not liking it and it is not good as alcoholic products. Also low alcoholic beer known as non alcoholic beer near me.

So here question arises our mind.

What is Non Alcoholic Beer?

Hearing the name “non alcoholic beer” isn’t it quite obvious? Beer without alcohol. Although according to the name of beverage is quit manipulative you know why? Answer is even the non alcoholic beer contain certain amount of alcoholic but it is very less amount negligible that’s why we call it non alcoholic beer. For your information there are 3 types of non alcoholic beer.

  1. Alcoholic free beer contain only 0.05% of alcohol.
  2. De alcoholised beers contains only 0.5% of alcohol in beers.
  3. Low alcohol beer which contain 1.2% of alcohol in beer.    

So keeping these facts in your mind we can say that non alcoholic beer contain very less amount of alcohol as in comparison of other beers. But still these non alcoholic beers are not totally alcohol free.

Is it bad to drink zero alcoholic beer from who are recovering from alcohol?

I do not think that it is good decision to drink non alcoholic beer those who are in rehabilitation for alcohol. This is something serious situation that I will not even prefer for myself as well. So let’s get started with the facts how it is bad for those who are recovering from alcohol?

Here is your answer, some brands of non alcoholic beers have little more amount of alcohol as compared to the types I have mentioned earlier they are not genuinely 100 percent free of alcohol.

As we all know that we are living in the 21st century where people are so much obsessed with alcohol and I am not going to judge anyone but non alcoholic beer is dangerous for the people are recovering from alcohol and fighting for their sobriety because little amount of alcohol can trigger their obsession and addiction for alcohol so it might be very risky for them to even try some non alcoholic beer but if they want to try they can get some recommendation from their therapist and also they can get non alcoholic beer by keeping the amount of alcohol in their mind according to the measurements which I mentioned before according these amount they can buy least amount of alcohol in beers the best amount of non alcoholic beer for them is 0.0 percent they can check it online how much ratio of alcohol is present in these beer buy one whose amount of alcohol is negligible. You can order these alcohol online which are quite fancy or you can try some non alcoholic fancy cocktails this will can help you to fill your cravings.

What is the process of making non alcoholic beer?

Some people are little curious about the process of nonalcoholic beer or non alcoholic beer near me so beer without alcohol can be prepare in so many ways here is first process of making beer without alcohol.

non alcoholic beer

On this process they remove the finished product first or decreasing the amount of alcohol and make it negligible. This is the complete first process of non alcoholic beer. Second process is that where micro brewer make sure that during the process of brewing it does not form further alcohol, in third process they boil the beer on high heat so that the beer boils and alcohol could evaporate from the beer. Now the last process where brewers pass the beer through filters which helps to separate the alcohol from the beer. Here is your non alcoholic beer is ready.

Some famous non alcoholic beers:

Here are some famous non alcoholic beer that you have to taste once in your life.

  • Brew Dog Nanny State:

Brew Dog Nanny State price is about 92.95 euros. It is one of the famous and well known non alcoholic beer. Brew Dog contain 0.5ABV which is almost negligible amount of alcohol and it is also known as zero alcoholic beer. Their main campaign is that “Beverages” without alcohol does not mean taste free. Brew Dog contain large amount of range of different flavors and all of them are free of alcohol. Hops are used in Brew Dog which gives the Aroma and Bitterness together and gives different kind of taste. Ingredients of Brew Dog

Nanny state are Barley, wheat, oats and lactose Allergen is also included in it.

  • Bitburger Brewer Drive:

Bitburger brewery is one of the famous of non alcoholic beer which is the product of Germany as we all know that Germany is much more developed in producing the non alcoholic beers and we all aware of the campaign named as “Alkoholfrei Bier” Germany is producing beer with 0 percent amount of alcohol that is why bitburger brewer is very famous brand. Headquarter of bitburger brewer is present in bitburger.

Bitburger brewer prefer the highest quality of non alcoholic beers. They choose the best quality of finished product and they guarantee the taste of beers. They takes hops very seriously and the mixture of different substance which decrease the taste of bitterness with the mixture of essential oils they use essential oils which comes from a very plants for creating the best beer.

Bitburger brewer offer five different kind of non alcoholic beers with different flavors the one I am going to recommend is Bitburger brewer Drive which contain 0 percent of alcohol in beer which is consider as Alcohol-free beer or zero alcoholic beer. This is only product which guarantees 100% taste with 0% of alcohol and it gives you the great taste of Pilsner. This flavor is worth trying and rating of this beer is 4.5/05.

You can buy it online from Amazon or also you can buy it from their site.

  • Fever- Tree Premium Ginger Beer:

Fever- Tree is well known non alcoholic beer company which was founded in 2004 and it was founded by Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow. This name of the company came from a very first product of this company which was Tonic Water. They only used to make to make flavored tonic water with quinine. Quinine is a chemical which arrive from the bark of special Tree which is present in South America with the tree of Cinchona.

Fever- tree is company of UK and their head quarter is present in London. Fever-tree still make tonic water with different varieties of flavors. But now they are producing non alcoholic beer which is quite famous and well known beer in the world. One of them is Ginger beer this beer is exported up to the 50 different countries.

Ginger beer is one of the well-known product of fever-tree. Ginger beer contain 0.5 percent of alcohol which is negligible amount. In UK 0.5 ABV (Alcohol by volume) is consider as alcohol free.

Ginger beer is a complete mixture and complete blending of three different ginger which comes from the Nigeria. This Ginger beer is not too sweet and it gives long lasting flavor of ginger. It is a non alcoholic beer on its own.

Taste of Ginger Beer:

Fresh ginger flavor without being too much sweet and it gives refreshing taste to your mouth guts which refresh your soul.

Ingredients of Ginger Beer:

For giving fresh taste to Ginger beer they use three different kind of gingers and lemon grass for giving the immense flavor to the beer this lemon grass comes from India and most especially ginger beer does not contain hops or grain. Ginger beer contain sugar, ginger, water and starters.

For Buying:

You can place order online from Amazon and also you can place order from their site you will receive your beer within 3 to 4 days

  • Ratings:

4/5 according to data from internet

  • Clausthales Dry Hopped

Clausthales is another famous non alcoholic beer of German which is very popular all over the world Clausthales is quite famous brand in Europe and it is also the winner of World best non alcoholic beer award in 2013.

Clausthales Day Hopped is a non alcoholic beer which contain 0.5% of alcohol and it gives the tastes of Biscuit, light and graining. This beer is non alcoholic lager beer. Clausthales Dry Hopped is a beer which gives the flavor of malty caramel. It is non alcoholic product on its own. Clausthales Dry Cascade Hopped imported from USA which gives the unique flavor to the beer. Clausthales Dry Hopped has malty caramel flavor with color of dark golden.

You can buy this beer from amazon and its prices are $3 with 750ml.

Athletic Brewing Co. Upside down

Upside down non alcoholic beer of Athletic Brewing Company which is known for their refreshing taste and balanced with light bodies. This beer gives the flavors of Floral. It is perfectly brewed with the premium of organic malt from US and Germany and its hops gives the combination of English and American tradition and most importantly it is gluten free beer.

  • Ingredients

This beer contain 0.5% alcohol IBU is 15 and water, Barley organic Vienna, Malts, Hops, Yeast are their main ingredients most importantly it contain 0 Fat and 50 calories.

  • For Buying

You place order online on their sites and they offer free shopping with return policy. They give the shipment complete protect it is easy to place order from their site and you can order it from amazon and many other sites which are easy for you.  

How much non alcoholic beers are healthy?

Non-alcoholic beers were very rare few years ago and availability of non alcoholic beer was very rare too but in this modern era of 2020 markets of non alcoholic beers are blooming day by day these days. Now a days we can easily order bundles of non alcoholic beer online from this we can understand that how easy it is to buy. Now coming to the point that are non alcoholic beers healthy? I am discussing this below.

The flavors of sweetness and bitterness with the mixture of hops which gives the taste like wine you can say that it gives the taste of grape juice.

In few countries non alcoholic beers classified as if it contain 0.5 percentage of alcohol then it is alcohol free drink. This amount considered as alcohol free amount which can be neglect especially in UK as compared to other countries like USA does not consider 0.5 percentage as non alcoholic drinks. Other beers contain 4 to 5 percentage of alcohol and wine contain 13 percent of alcohol. As we all know that alcohol gives negative impact on our health most importantly alcohol gives long term effects on our health. As compared to these alcoholic drinks we can say that non alcoholic beers are much better than these alcoholic drinks but considering this health benefit can we really say that non alcoholic beers are really healthy?

Not everyone know the fact that alcoholic drinks contain calories according to scientific research “A normal glass of alcoholic drinks contain calories as much calories present in jam Doughnut. Just think about it only one glass of wine gives this much of calories but non-alcoholic beers do not contain calories? Or are they sugar free beers?

Absolutely no! According to the guideline of WHO an intake of calories in an adult should be less than 5 percent per day which you only get from sugar free products but a bottle of non-alcoholic beer contain six to seven spoons of sugar. If you take one bottle of non-alcoholic beer it means you took six to seven spoons of sugar. Which is not healthy but it depend on you how much you take these drinks and how often you use these drinks.



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