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Lexicomp App: Any drug question and 3 Step installation

Any drug question. Anytime. Anywhere. Lexicomp

If you need information on drugs to assist you with the safe administration of your medication, prescribing research, or everything between , we offer both apps for mobile and online which meet your needs regardless of your work environment or the practice you are in. If you choose to access the information based on evidence using either your computer at home, mobile device or both devices, you’ll be able to access the most current, accurate information that was intended to be used by the point of need for patients.

Online drug references offer access to databases and interactive software including help with dosing, clinical and tables of specific drugs for retail, as well as information for retailers, and the medical calculator. Lexicomp is our point-of-care system that is clinically focused as well as Facts and Comparatives is targeted more toward the retail pharmacy business. Both provide:

  • A simple design, easily digestible information, and advanced search capabilities to help you to find the information you require about medications and minimize the chance of errors with medication.
  • Updates are made available as soon as they are made available. No long and tedious downloading of software
  • Concise, relevant and concise drug information intended to be utilized as a point of service. specific information for pharmacists, nurses and prescribers.

Lexicomp is a mobile application . Lexicomp mobile app has distinct position in the marketplace , in that it is in the same depth of our database online of references to drugs. There is no cut-down content. Within the one Lexicomp app, you’ll be capable of accessing the entirety of your subscription’s most current, complete information on medicines interactions with natural substances with medical calculations as well as more in the hospital, in the pharmacy, or even while in the car.

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Lexicomp mobile app provides: Lexicomp mobile app offers:

  • Different features other drug information apps do not have, such as the pharmacogenomics database and IV compatibility information. information on the effects of drug shortages, users of education can quickly print emails from their devices, as well as being able to change the arrangement that databases are placed and monograph fields appear to give the user a more personal display.
  • Content is saved right on your device, so clinicians are able to respond rapidly to inquiries, even when there isn’t enough internet signal or a mobile connection isn’t accessible.
  • The most commonly used tablets and smartphones including iPad (tm), iPhone (tm) and Android devices.

Installation of Lexicomp mobile app can be done in a handful of steps. However the method differs based on the type of subscription you’ve purchased:

  • If you’re an individual subscriber, you must adhere to the ” Individual Subscriptions” instructions.
  • In case your organization or institution has provided you with an Authorization Code for access to Lexicomp software on your handheld device, you have to follow” Enterprise Users” instructions ” Enterprise Users” instructions.

Check out the section on the page which provides specifications and conditions to use the Lexicomp mobile application . Also, you can browse our collection of videos on training to learn how you can make the most of the capabilities of this application.

Individual Users

Download the most recent version of your earlier downloaded Lexicomp mobile application.

  1. Start the Lexicomp program on your gadget when you’re linked to the Internet.
  2. The account you create will be synchronized to your device regularly.
  3. Click on the icon to begin connecting to your Lexicomp Mobile app to sign to the subscription.

Get Lexicomp mobile application Lexicomp app for mobile devices.

  1. To learn how set up in order to download the Lexicomp mobile application , follow these instructions.
    • On Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch mobile device:
  1. Click the App Store icon, then type in Lexicomp.
  2. Select Lexicomp and then click to download or free, and then install, or the tiny cloud with downward arrows. Finally, you must enter your iTunes login (if you are required for this)) and then click OK.
  3. On an Android mobile device:
  1. Hit the Play Store icon, and then look for Lexicomp..
  2. Select Lexicomp, then click Install. If an error message pops up, click to accept.
  3. Start your Lexicomp application for your phone.
  4. Input your email and password, and then click Register. If you’ve forgotten your password, simply click for Forgot password.
  5. Please read the license agreement before pressing the button to accept..
  6. Choose Option Automatic Update: Data only , or Wi-Fi and Data Next. next.
  7. Select your Library favorite Content: I will select the content sets I’d prefer to download or download all content sets on behalf of me. Click here to begin.
  8. Select Content Settings and click to download..
  9. After the update has been completed. Once the update is completed, tap the menu button in the upper-right corner, and then choose “home”.
  10. Click the icon to begin connecting Lexicomp. Lexicomp mobile subscription and the application.

Enterprise Users

The first step is to join subscriptions in your accounts

  1. Visit
  2. If your account is already set up on an existing account, you can skip Step 3.
    • New users Click for new users Click new users Click on the Create Account link to set up your brand-new Lexicomp account. Fill in the details that you registered with prior to creating an account. It is necessary to sign up with the company’s email address. Enter your password and email is required again in the third step for you to sign in to your account using your phone.
    • Click Log in now.
  3. Enter with the data of your email address together with your password then click Sign-up.
  4. In the Subscriptions section, search for the option to add a subscription using the Code.
    • If you don’t see an option to add a subscription with Code, select “Have an authorization key? Include your subscription below”
  5. You must enter your Authorization Code; Click “Add Subscription”.
    • If you’re receiving “The product code is not valid ” message It is important to confirm that the code is correct before attempting another time.
    • Also, you can change the email address of your company to that of your corporate mail address.
  1. After logging in login, once you have logged in after logging in, click to change your email address to the right, on to the left.
  2. Type in your company’s address to get the address to your email contact information, then click to upgrade.
  3. The email you receive will be that contains an five-character PIN at the email address at which you’ve entered into your account.
  4. Enter your PIN in the field for Verify PIN. Enter your PIN to verify.
  5. Click Finish.

2. Step 2: Update or Install your Lexicomp smartphone app

Download the most recent version of your previous downloaded Lexicomp mobile application.

  1. For make changes to the functionality of your Lexicomp mobile application running on your device. Take these actions.
    • On Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch mobile device:
  1. Start your Lexicomp app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the update icon, then place check marks on the databases you wish to update. You can also select All, then Select All before pressing update..
  3. On an Android mobile device:
  1. Then, launch Lexicomp onto Your Android device. Lexicomp application is installed on you Android device, as you connect to the internet.
  2. The new account will sync with your Android device right away.

Download Lexicomp mobile application Lexicomp Mobile Application

  1. For instructions on how to install the mobile app of Lexicomp follow these steps. Lexicomp mobile app follows these instructions.
    • On the device you use for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch mobile device:
  1. Click on the icon of the App Store icon. Then then type in Lexicomp.
  2. Select Lexicomp and click to download or Free and then install. Or, the small cloud by pressing the downward arrow. Finally, input your iTunes password (if you’re required to provide it) and then click OK.
  3. On an Android mobile device:
  1. Click on Click on the the Play Store icon, and then type in Lexicomp..
  2. Select Lexicomp and then tap the Install button. In the event that the warning appears up, then accept it.
  3. Start and then open your Lexicomp application on the mobile phone.
  4. Read the license agreement prior to pressing the button to accept..
  5. Log in with your username and email and and then click Log to sign in. If you’ve forgotten your password, tap “Forgot Password”.
  6. The user will get an Account Sync message. Click “OK to receive this message.
  7. You must download the databases before the time that you will be able to connect to the subscription.
  8. Checkmarks must be put on the databases you’d like to install. Press select All after which click to update..
  9. If prompted, tap OK.
  10. Once the update is completed. When the update has completed, tap the menu button in the upper right-hand corner, and then choose “home”.
  11. Click an icon to access the information for the Lexicomp Mobile App subscription.


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