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Most Funny Questions Roast Beef Vagina

This is one of my most funny questions. It was a question that a client had asked me, so I decided to clarify it for those of you who might be curious.This is a popular meme. It’s an indication that a girl is a big slut if her vagina looks like “roast beef” (or very loose) roast beef vagina.

The idea is that she has had so much dick that it’s roughed up that area, and the vagina’s fallen out/is stretched out etc.

Let’s start with the “roast meat.” It’s powerful imagery that sticks. It’s far from true.

It’s just biology. The “roast beef,” on a woman, is simply the labia. Some women have one more than others, while some others have both.

It is roughly equivalent to foreskin for a man, so just as this has nothing do with a man’s sexual experience with his partner, a woman’s labia also has nothing do with hers.

The meming has had an impact on both men and women. One of the most popular plastic surgeries is the “labiotomies”, which basically involves trimming or evening out the labia.

I believe this story, like many others, is a result of porn. Porn stars are often screened for their bare, delicate and balanced vaginas (just as the men have above-average dicks).

The second reason is actually more interesting. It’s IMPUTABLE that couples have more sex than individuals on their own.

You can have sex with your top-level player or a promiscuous girl 2-3 times per week.

This is the AVERAGE for most relationships.

This means that the vaginas with the most dick in their vaginas, if I may be so crass… are not the ones from the girls who are most promiscuous.

Theoretically, it’s not the variety but the quantity that causes “wear and tear.”

This brings us to the second question.

What is it that makes a woman lose?

This one is a bit more gray than the previous one.

Although “medical professionals” may claim otherwise, it is clear from anecdotal evidence that women’s vagina changes over time.

This makes intuitive sense.

A vagina is elastic. But if you take an elastic object, and stretch it regularly, it will lose its elasticity. This is especially true if it is not subject to pressure like vaginal “kegel exercises” (which most women don’t do).

This means that (frequency) + (size) = (amount) vaginal exercises = (change in vaginal elasticity over time.

Perhaps even more important than all this is?


It’s not just the above that makes a woman’s genital area loose or tight.

It’s true, it isn’t getting any media because everyone obsesses about dick size.

Vaginas can also have a certain size.

It’s not about you if it doesn’t fit well.

This is an example:

I have been with women who feel like they are holding me down. We had to take a lot of time and go slow. These women would be initially sore as we connected over the next weeks and needed to “get used” to me. You don’t want to think that I’m some kind of goliath down South. I’ve been with women who felt like sticking their dick in the CAVERN. They were not fun to have sex with.

These extremes aside, there are many women who feel just right.

Could it be predicted based on the way women looked? NO.


Our sexual objects are overwhelmingly the result of nature and not nurture

This means that you shouldn’t think too much about why a girl is born with certain traits, but instead focus on what you care about.

Most bodies are able to work together, except for extreme cases. It’s not necessary that people have had sex before they are allowed to commit.

However, physical differences can cause problems. Sexual chemistry and compatibility are two things that exist.

These subjects are sensitive, however. They are also something I do not talk about often.

Working with me is a great way to be open about your sexual concerns and receive SOLUTIONS from someone who has experienced them all.

No matter how big or small your dick may be.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t lift it, or if you cump too soon.

All of it is dealt with by me. Create a safe space for you to share…and ultimately triumph over.

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