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Starting Your Transformation: 6 Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

Physical fitness is the goal for many people. It gives the person a sense of health, wellness, and a fantastic body. However, getting into better shape as a beginner can make you feel intimidated, especially if your closest gym is full of experienced bodybuilders. 

Whether you want to look physically strong or dream of joining a competition one day, check out the tips in this article. You’ll need a good boost if you wish to try bodybuilding for the first time.

1.Decide On Where To Work Out

One of the first things you must consider is where you should exercise. Not everyone is brave enough to start their journey at the gym right off the bat, and that’s okay. You have the option to take baby steps by working out at home. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that either location has its pros and cons.

Training at a gym

Commercial gyms provide the necessary professional equipment any aspiring bodybuilder needs. The tools are already there, so you only need to pay a regular member’s fee to access them. Gyms also have coaches and trainers on board to help you if you’re starting bodybuilding programs for beginners. Additionally, you’ll meet many like-minded individuals at the gym. Some could even offer practical advice to smooth the training process and make it more fun.

However, gym membership fees may sometimes rise unless you’re lucky to grab a discount. Some gyms may charge you yearly, hindering you from quitting or moving to another gym until your membership ends. Moreover, you could have some competition to use specific equipment, especially during peak hours, so you’d have no choice but to wait in line for your turn.

Training at home

Unlike public gyms, your home offers you the utmost privacy. It’s a great place to start working out when you’re shy or self-conscious. Furthermore, you can train any time you wish. You’ll have no gym operating hours, only your personal schedule. The gym equipment you buy will also be yours for life, and you don’t need to share it with anyone else. Plus, you’ll save time and money by not driving to the nearest gym.

The primary downside to exercising at home, though, is the lack of professional equipment and help. Gym tools don’t come cheap, and training by yourself may lead to several mistakes in your form and program. Space is another issue. You can’t fit large equipment in a studio-type apartment. It’s best if you have a basement or an unoccupied room. 

One other problem is motivation. Coaches and fellow bodybuilders help motivate you to train regularly. Without them nearby, you’ll have to persuade yourself to keep exercising, or your hard-earned equipment will only collect dust.

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2.Find A Trustworthy Coach

Even if you plan to start working out on your own, it’s always best to have someone who has more experience on call. Champion bodybuilders had mentors and coaches too. So, you have no reason to forgo one, whether you’re training at home or the community gym.

Bodybuilding coaches will ensure you follow through with your workout programs and monitor your form and progress. However, it’s vital to read reviews of the trainer you want to hire. Avoid picking one based solely on their social media photos. This person will be the one who’ll guide you on your path to physical fitness and transformation. Hence, you must do ample research and choose wisely.

3.Plan A Fitness Program

Many novice bodybuilders have this one dilemma: Where do they start? Fortunately, your coach may assist you or provide a particular routine based on your fitness level so that you won’t be overwhelmed on the first day. You could begin with two different programs focusing on specific body parts. Often, a good workout routine for bodybuilding beginners involves the following:

  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • Full body
  • Arms and calves

As a beginner, you can switch your programs every other day with a rest day in between. For example, do your upper body workout on Monday, rest on Tuesday, then perform your lower body routine on Wednesday. Continue doing this schedule for as long as possible until you can gradually increase the load.

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4.Track Your Progress

It’s crucial to track your training progress starting Day One. Your tracker, whether on a physical or digital journal, should have every essential detail about your workout sessions. This way, you’ll see which methods work and which don’t. The records will also remind you of your past routines so that you won’t do the same ones on consecutive workout days. In addition, keeping track of your progress allows you to plan future workout programs.

5.Eat Well

There’s no point in bodybuilding if you habitually consume food that would negate its results. Your daily meals should support your efforts. Thus, you must have a balanced diet consisting of enough calories, protein, carbs, and fats. 

Nutritious food helps you bulk up faster and adequately. On top of that, it aids in post-workout recovery. Don’t forget to log your meals in your tracker, aside from your progress.

6.Take Time For Recovery

Your body can turn into a powerhouse one day, but remember, it’s not a machine. You need enough rest, so your muscles can recover. Besides unwinding, don’t force yourself to exercise when you’re sick. Avoid the gym in the meantime if you have a fever or a rising heart rate. 

Following a post-workout routine and having at least three rest days a week helps prevent severe soreness and ensures your muscles grow well quickly. Working out takes a lot of energy, so don’t fight your body if it wants to rest.


Bodybuilding doesn’t have to be an impossible challenge for a beginner. You can achieve great results if you dutifully follow your workout program and the guidance of your fitness trainer.



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