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Stories Of Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine

The princess Victoria Alberta Elizabeth Mathilde Marie was born in Hesse together with princess victoria of hesse and by rhine and Rhine Victoria Mountbatten Marquise Milford Haven was the eldest daughter of Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine and by Rhine and also his wife to princess Alice born was born and raised in the United Kingdom, daughter of the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from Saxe-Coburg as well as Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.Her mother died while her brothers and siblings were still teenagers and placed her in a situation of having to assume the charge to take care of their children. Despite her father’s disapproval , she was married to her maorganatic her first cousin Prince Louis from Battenberg and was an officer in the UK’s Royal Navy, and lived throughout her entire life as a married woman across Europe at the naval post of her husband, as well as visiting her many royal connections.

Her image was perceived by her relatives as liberal in her views, straightforward and practical. She was also brilliant.
Then, during World War I, she and her husband abdicated their German titles and adopted the British sounding surname Mountbatten which could be an English translation English of the German “Battenberg”. Both of them, Elizabeth and Alix who were both members of an imperial family Russian imperial family were executed in the communist revolutionaries.princess victoria of hesse and by rhine

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The Princess Victoria of Hesse and By Rhine had five siblings; Prince Friedrich of Hesse and by Rhine, Ernest Louis the Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine by Rhine Princess Marie from Hesse and By Rhine along with By Rhine Alexandra Feodorovna. the princess Elisabeth from Hesse along with Rhine.

At age 15 she was diagnosed with diphtheria when she was 15 years old. Although she was able to overcome the disease, she lost their sister Marieand her mother (who took care of them). She was able to begin taking on responsibility, which included caring for her remaining three children ( Prince Friedrich passed away as an infant) and assisting her father.princess victoria of hesse and by rhine

In 1882 she met Prince Louis from Battenberg who was her first cousin , who had been removed, in Darmstadt and they were engaged in the following summer. Much to the displeasure of the father of her, she got married to Prince Louis at the end of April of April , 1884 in Darmstadt.

The Princess Victoria from Hesse And By Rhine and her husband immigrated to Europe where they resided in various houses across various regions of the country because of her husband’s position being an officer with the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. Royal Navy. They resided within Chichester, Sussex, Walton-on-Thames as well as Schloss Heiligenberg, Jugenheim.

The princess who referred to Queen Victoria her grandmamma, and who became the grandmother of an incredibly powerful royals in this 20th and 21st centuries continued to be strong and determined through the numerous obstacles that life dealt her. However, her story is littered with sorrow and recounted through nine devastating losses ….

 Her mother and princess Alice  

Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie born on the 5th of April 1863, at Windsor Castle, grew up closely with her mother princess Alice. The third child of Queen Victoria had been married to the prince Louis of Hesse and by Rhine and shortly after her birth, Victoria was taken to the family home in Darmstadt where a wonderful childhood began.

But in 1878 tragedy struck. Victoria was then 15 years old. She was ill with diptheria. Soon, almost all of her siblings were affected . their loving mother took care of the entire family. However, as the princess recuperated, her beloved mother was also afflicted and passed away on the 14th of December 1878, which was the anniversary of her death. father Prince Albert. Victoria was a teenager and had lost her mother.

 princess victoria of hesse and by rhine late childhood  

This change resulted in another sadness for princess Victoria because as the oldest daughter of the family , she was required to fill the empty space left due to the passing of Alice. Victoria assumed a lot of the responsibility of caring for her siblings, as well as aiding her dad, who was now the Grand Duke of Hesse in court functions as well as public functions.

Victoria later spoke about her profound impact the passing of Alice affected her and her young self, saying  that’my mother’s death was a devastating loss. My childhood was ended by her death. …’

In November 1878 Alice’s home was struck by tragedy. Her daughter Victoria was diagnosed with diphtheria. The girl’s fever was very high. A few days later, Alice sent her mother via telegram that another child, Alix was also been diagnosed with the disease, and it was believed that the child could die. Then, shortly after, May became unwell. In the end, all children, with the only exception of Ella were infected by diphtheria. In the end, everyone, except for May, made it through. The illness had led to the painful death of a choking victim for the girl.

Alice kept the news about May’s death hidden from her friends for the duration she could. At some point, the kids began to ask their mother questions about May’s absence. She finally admitted that her sister had passed away. Ernie is still recuperating from disease, was devastated. To soothe Ernie, Alice kissed the boy and contracted diphtheria in the course of the kiss.

In a state of fatigue from the long nights of taking care of her family members through the pain, Alice had no strength left to fight the disease. On the 14th of December on seventeen years after the death of her father she passed away at age of 15y.

Alice’s efforts to improve lives of the least privileged as well as her support for those who are injured or sick, shows how far ahead of her times. Yet, she’s something of a lost memory, caught between a renowned queen and an unlucky Tsaritsa.princess victoria of hesse and by rhine





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