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Tesla plans to incorporate Insurance program myapps tesla

Tesla plans to incorporate its Insurance program as well as its an upcoming Full Self-Driving subscription right into the company’s Smartphone application, as per an engineer in the software industry(myapps tesla) who has recently reverse-engineered the application of the automaker.

Reddit user u/Callump01 discovered the Tesla Smartphone App that owners utilize to managing the temperature of the car to executing Smart Summon.

After re-engineering the application, Callump01 found several new items, such as Tesla Insurance’s planned integration with the app, an safety Ratings feature, as well as the Simulator which will allow drivers to determine how their driving habits impact their rates.


Tesla can include its insurance Program direct integrated in the application in accordance with Callump01. It will be placed within its own section which will be accessible to owners. It could help save time by avoiding long phone calls. Numerous insurance companies, including GEICO has apps that let everything from filing a claim , to getting insurance for a new vehicle is done at the click of a button.

Additionally, there will be a brand new ” Safety Ratings” section. It will monitor your car and directly connect to your insurance coverage if you are using Tesla’s in-house insurance program.

U/Callump01 reported (via r/TeslaMotors):myapps tesla

“It will display how many hours you’ve driven and how frequently you’ve used AutoPilot and ABS events such as forward collision warnings, Autosteer strikeouts, acceleration variation, and a host of other parameters on an individual basis and on a monthly basis. You’ll be able to view in an attractive graphic interface. The system will give you a pass or fail’ score (though it’s not clear if the rating will be visible to the person using the service) and, as far as I’ve seen the program appears to be restricted to HW2 and higher and the software version 2021.4.12. 2021.4.12 is required. .”

Furthermore an ” Simulator” section allows owners to modify the variables related to areas that impact rates. This includes, but is not restricted to ABS Activation, Hours Driven Forced Autopilot Disengagements Forward Collision Warnings as well as unsafe Following time, and the intensity of Braking and Acceleration.

u/Callump01 adds:

“Performance indicators are calculated based on the average of that particular aspect. The more variables you can get to the green, the less you’ll pay for your cost. Your premium won’t increase by more than 50% within the course of a month depending on your driving style .”

This feature is similar¬†Allstate’s Drivewise system¬†that is a straightforward plug-in that monitors your safe driving routines and alters monthly costs depending on various factors such as speed, brakingspeed, time of day, as well as mileage.


It seems the possibility that Tesla will also permit owners to decide on the launch of its FSD Subscription program that the automaker has been talking about for a while.

Elon Musk has said on many times that the FSD service of Tesla will become available in the second quarter of 2021. But with just the last few weeks of the quarter, it’s uncertain if Tesla is able to meet this timeline.

It is working on it according to what was seen in the App that was related to subscribing features.

First, there is the option of getting a refund when the program isn’t for you, or¬†in the event of an unintentional acquisition.¬†Tesla will ask for details from the buyer regarding the reason they want the refund.

There is also talk of the possibility of a “Weekend Mode” and “Travel Mode” as part of the subscription, however there isn’t any further details about what these features are expected to give owners.¬†The billing period appears to be monthly, as per the information available.(myapps tesla)

The details are a bit sparse currently, particularly given that the SubscriptionMovierulz Plz offers South Indian & Bollywood movie hasn’t been announced from Tesla yet.¬†It is nevertheless interesting to learn that Tesla is planning to make the app more robust for users that will give them easier access to specific features.



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