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The Most In-Demand Nurse Practitioner Specializations and How Much They Get Paid

A career as a nurse practitioner is a rewarding one. You’ll have the opportunity to work with a team of other healthcare professionals, including doctors and other nurses, to provide high-quality care to patients.

As a nurse practitioner, you’ll be able to work in many different settings, including hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, private practice offices, and more. You may also decide to specialize in certain areas of healthcare, like pediatrics or geriatrics.

Your day-to-day responsibilities will depend on where you work and what kind of practice you have. So, in case you’re wondering what a career as a specialized nurse practitioner looks like and how much you can make from it annually, here is a list for you. 

Family Nurse Practitioner

A family nurse practitioner (FNP) is a registered nurse who has received additional education in the field of family practice. They can provide care with a focus on chronic disease, preventive care, and wellness.

The family nurse practitioner works with patients of all ages and genders, addressing various health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. They also provide preventative care through screenings and counseling. The family nurse practitioner also performs physical examinations, ordering lab tests and x-rays when necessary. They work closely with other members of the healthcare team to ensure that patients receive the best possible care for their condition.

Estimated Salary: $113,919

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

AGACNPs – Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioners – are medical professionals who specialize in caring for patients in the adult and geriatric populations. They provide care for patients who are sick or injured, as well as those who need ongoing medical management for chronic conditions.

AGACNPs typically work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They can be found in emergency rooms, intensive care units (ICUs), general medical wards, and psychiatric units.

Duties of an adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner include:

  • Diagnosing diseases and illnesses
  • Treating injuries and infections
  • Managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer
  • Providing education to patients about their condition and treatment options

In some cases, the responsibilities of an AGACNP and an FNP might overlap, but these two specializations are different, and so are the necessary qualifications. You can learn more about AGACNP vs. FNP differences before choosing your specialization.

Estimated Salary: $109,694

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

A pediatric nurse practitioner is a nurse who has advanced training to provide primary care for children. They are health care providers who work with children, adolescents, and families to ensure that their overall health needs are met. They have extensive knowledge of the growth and development of children from birth through adolescence, as well as knowledge of common childhood illnesses, injuries, and emergencies. 

These practitioners also have an in-depth understanding of the social and cultural factors that impact health decisions in families with children.

Pediatric nurse practitioners provide physical exams, diagnose illnesses and injuries, order and interpret lab tests, and prescribe medications as appropriate for patients of all ages. They also counsel patients about lifestyle issues such as healthy eating habits or exercise routines that will help them maintain their health. 

Estimated Salary: $117,640

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

A neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) is a registered nurse with advanced practice education and clinical training in the care of newborns, infants, and children. NNPs perform comprehensive assessments of the health status of infants and children, including physical examination, growth monitoring, developmental assessment, treatment planning, patient education, and counseling. NNPs also provide primary care services to patients who require medical supervision that is more extensive than that provided by a registered nurse (RN).

In addition to providing direct patient care, NNPs may also serve as educators and clinical consultants within their organizations.

Estimated Salary: $115,000

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

As a women’s health nurse practitioner, you will provide direct patient care to women of all ages. You will assess and evaluate the health needs of your patients, including gynecological concerns such as infertility, menopause, and birth control. You may also treat women for chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. You will work with patients to create individualized treatment plans based on their specific needs and goals.

In addition to providing direct patient care, you may supervise other nurses and support staff in the delivery of care. You will also be expected to provide education about preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment of disease processes, as well as management of chronic conditions related to gynecology and obstetrics.

Estimated Salary: $111,075

As you can tell, different nurse practitioner specializations require different qualifications and have different responsibilities. The salary range also varies from specialization to specialization. When choosing a career as an NP, always go for the one you’re passionate about. While salary should also be a concern, you will enjoy the work more if you have a passion for it. 



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