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Top Medical Billing Software: Kareo vs DrChrono EMR Guide 2022

Kareo assists medical clinics in handling the difficulties associated with insurance billing. Medical personnel may promptly enter patient information and check their insurance claims. To help practitioners arrange appointments with their patients and remind them to show up, Kareo EMR additionally offers a schedule and appointment reminder feature. Practices may connect with their billers, patients, and workers using the built-in messaging tool. Further capabilities include analytics for billing, enhanced claim processing, document management, and an agenda planner. 

DrChrono allows medical practices and healthcare practitioners to manage patient intake, patient care, clinical charting, billing, and revenue cycle management with DrChrono’s iPad and iPhone compatible EHR and medical billing software. It contains real-time patient eligibility checks, scheduling tools, e-prescribing, configurable medical forms, and a patient portal.  

Here is a comparative guide of Kareo vs DrChrono: 

Kareo EHR Software 

Key Features 

Patient Payments 

Patients can pay their invoices with Kareo Patient Collect via mail, our payment station in the office, or online. Everyone can pay more quickly and conveniently with features like electronic credit card authorization, card on file, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. You can streamline the process of collecting patient payments by delivering pre-programmed SMS, email, and snail statements. By using automated patient billing, you can be confident that your communications are timely and appropriate.  

The likelihood that patients would notice sent statements with color enhancement and easy reading is increased. Patients can conveniently pay their bills online right away with QR codes. Building patient loyalty and retention involves implementing simple, practical collections. With Kareo Patient Collect, you can get better ratings, save staff time, and generate more money. 

Kareo Telehealth  

There are multiple tools that make Kareo telehealth stand out. Give patients the assistance they require to manage their prescriptions, adhere to treatment programs, and participate in lifestyle coaching for improved health outcomes. Patients who want follow-up visits and convenient vehicle service no longer have to worry about childcare, transportation, or time off of work. Convert follow-up emails or phone conversations that aren’t compensated into fully covered video telehealth appointments.  

Patient Statements 

Having the appropriate tools to recover the money you are due is critical as the percentage of patient collections in your practice’s A/R (account receivables) continues to rise. Along with an option for online bill payment, Kareo provides four ways for you to distribute bills to your patients rapidly. Utilize these technologies to speed up patient billing and boost income. Sending patients an electronic statement will save you time and money compared to sending patient statements. The patient analyses the amount on the electronic statement and may quickly, efficiently, and securely make a payment online. You can use Kareo’s process to automatically print and mail paper statements if no payment is received. 

Top Medical Billing Software

Kareo EMR Demo 

If you want to learn about Kareo from different angles before buying a subscription plan, you can request a Kareo EMR demo using the website.  

Kareo EHR Pricing  

The Kareo EHR pricing is tailored to meet the requirements of your practice. You can get a customized quote from the Kareo customer support team, who will assess your details to provide further information about the cost. 

Kareo EMR Reviews 

The Kareo EHR reviews show that it has many helpful features like customizable reporting that can be used to evaluate data. Moreover, its interface is simple, and users can add data and update information without a hassle. 

DrChrono EMR Software

Key Features 

DrChrono Telehealth  

You can organize and carry out virtual visits straight from your EHR with DrChrono’s Telehealth. You can schedule online appointments and send automatic emails to your patients using the HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly Video Visits without the need for extra software, downloads, or time-consuming set-ups. Patients can opt to receive a link to their virtual appointment without needing to set anything up on their end. 

EHR Management 

The DrChrono EMR is designed to be completely adaptable to the unique requirements of your clinic. Mobility has always been a core value. The DrChrono EHR’s unmatched accessibility from any location at all times is unmatched. Spending less time on a computer and more time connecting with patients is made possible by the iPad’s native applications. The most cutting-edge tools currently available may now be used to deliver healthcare on demand thanks to a cloud-based system and complete integration across mobile devices. 

OnPatient Patient Portal 

Give your patients the ability to actively manage their own health by securely communicating with them through DrChrono’s ‘OnPatient’ Portal. Patients can schedule appointments and make payments online with the help of the patient portal. With automatic reminders, you can decrease no-shows and increase income. You now have a tool with the OnPatient Portal that gives you direct access to your patients at whichever level you desire. 

DrChrono Demo  

To see how this software can improve your day-to-day operations, you can also schedule a DrChrono software demo through the website. 

DrChrono Pricing 

The DrChrono EHR pricing is customizable, enabling individual practitioners and large practices to work with this product.  

DrChrono Reviews 

DrChrono EMR reviews appreciate various factors like the fact that it is easy to use, information can be uploaded within minutes, and you can retrieve information quickly. Moreover, viewing insurance cards is simpler too. Some users also like it because it is customizable.  

Final Thoughts 

Kareo medical billing software helps clinical institutions operate more effectively with a simple user interface to pick up and use. According to customer reviews, it stands out since it is economical. However, not every integration from a third party is supported. Furthermore, outdated features and tools often make users more inefficient.  

DrChrono EMR has several features that most users find simple to use and intuitive, especially when using the iPad app. Additionally, it offers easy billing and other activity connections from other parties. However, users must get used to it over time because of a steep learning curve. 

With these pros and cons in mind, users can quickly determine the vital differences between Kareo vs DrChrono.  



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