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Touchpay direct Automated Payment Services

What is Touchpay Direct?

Touchpay’s automated payment services for government facilities and agencies are trustworthy, safe, and easy to use!

Our payment systems that are automated provide users with an easy way to make payments or deposits to facilities and agencies of the government from the comfort of their homes, in person at the office, or at retail stores.

Why Government Agencies Choose TouchPay

With more than the last 25 years of experience in providing automated payment solutions, TouchPay provides solutions and services specifically designed to meet the specific requirements for government departments. Our dedicated team of specialists produces high-impact, technologically-advanced products and unparalleled service for our clients and customers.

TouchPay’s complete payment and kiosk platform come with the software for integration, installing, education, marketing tools, cash pickup services, upkeep, monitors remotely, online investigative and transactional reports, as well as live, American-based client and assistance teams (English as well as Spanish). Shortly, every aspect an institution requires to automatize payments is included.

Benefits to Your Agency

Because each part of our payments system is completely managed by TouchPay, agencies benefit by reducing their overheads and generating more revenue. Once the platform is installed, our bilingual customer service staff can answer client and customers’ questions about all activities, no matter if the transaction happened within a few seconds of the phone call. The result is that our customers get:

1. Greater customer satisfaction

2. There is no involvement of any agency

3. Faster reconciliation of issues

4. A decrease in the number of disputes

Processing cash and credit card transactions can be laborious and expensive. In today’s challenging economic times, every penny is important, and automatization is the best way to go.

Contact Sales at TouchPay by email at or call 866-204-1603 to find out more about how TouchPay can make a difference for your government agency or facility.

Whatever method you decide how to make payment, TouchPay Services are trustworthy, safe, as well as easy to use.

TouchPay offers the simplest, most secure, and cost-effective method for customers to transfer funds into the account of a person who is in prison or to make court or municipal payments. Customers can deposit and make payments using our exclusive Lobby Kiosk, online through our secure website portal, through toll-free IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and through Walk-In Retailers. Most transactions are processed within 24 hours.

Countertop Terminal’s benefits for payment include:

1. Accepts Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards.

2. Interactive pin pad interface for users

3. Simple to use with no need any training

4. Real-time Account validation, processing and verification

5. Electronic reporting on-demand

6. Instant customer receipts

7. Seamlessly reconciles with every TouchPay portals

Walk-in-Retail (COMING SOON!)

 Walk-In Retail is TouchPay’s most modern payment option and is scheduled to launch very soon. This service will allow customers to securely and safely make cash-based payments through a merchant that is part of our community-based payment centres in the nation.

 To start the process, users must sign in to the payment site, enter the amount they are paying, and choose cash as the payment method. Once they’ve followed all the necessary instructions, they will be sent the Order Confirmation. They will then be able to take the Order Confirmation they received from the order online to the nearest Walk-In Retail location. When they have paid the cash amount indicated on their order confirmation, they will be issued a receipt.

Walk-In Retail benefits for payment are:

1. Deposits and cash payments are accepted to the customer at any time the store is open. There’s no requirement to visit the facility or agency of the government to make a payment.

2. Retail stores are easily located near to nearly every neighbourhood

3. The payment and deposit are posted within 24 hours.

4. Email as well as live telephone support is accessible via email and live phone support.

Conclusion :

Existing TouchPay ACCOUNT HOLDERS AND USERS. The Terms of Service and your privacy rights applicable to this site, along with the related items and products, were amended on May 21, 2020, and August 5, 2020, respectively. Be sure to read it carefully and let us know if you have any concerns. When you visit this website or the products or services that are associated with it, you accept and acknowledge the terms set out in the two documents. You can access the documents by clicking on links in the footer of the page.

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