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Using Online Forums to Spread Mental Health Awareness

Using Online Forums to Spread Mental Health Awareness

Since the advent of the internet, there have been numerous debates on how the internet has brought up more bad than good. However, now the world has divided over the good and bad. All things have a stem of good and a stem of bad. It is about what you make of the internet that helps develop subjective answers to “the internet is all bad”, with time perceptions have changed due to much good the internet has brought about –i.e. awareness. 

The internet has helped spread awareness of multiple social and economic-based issues that societies around the world are facing. But here the discussion is mainly pertaining to the American society and the issues revolving around mental health and the awareness needed to shed some light on the major issues causing distress among millions and some useful tips on how to subdue them for the betterment of the society and its people. 

The internet has thus, been an important factor in both spreading good and bad. The good has now been expanding due to many people spreading awareness and empathy towards the causes. In this case, many influencers and social media stars have held an important role. To stay up to date on such cases and news, it is evident to have a stable internet connection, especially if the internet is helping you learn and expand your knowledge database then you cannot always have an internet that lags. In that case, you could find solace in one of the best providers around the US with Xfinity Wi-Fi and a reliable and stable connection that would help you stay connected 24/7 with great customer support if need be. Overall mental health is everyone’s right and people should help others to overcome issues regarding it and be able to move on and spread awareness. Empathy is important to do so and help keep the change alive. 

Some Major Issues On Going Are:

These issues may seem small to an average person, but the real weight always falls on the people facing these issues in everyday life and coming to terms with is mentally and physically. Thus, it is important to spread and know which issues are on top of the society that is causing major mental health issues like depression, OCD, and phobias, and that in turn are giving people more mental crisis to deal with. 

The issues are:

  • Depression is a major societal and economic problem.
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders) issues are not small even though they may seem so. 
  • Phobias mean a lot to people going through it. The Fear of Spaces, Social settings, Flying, Animals, and many others.
  • Body Positivity is not for the fat/thin or the young/old. It is comfort in your skin and bones.
  • End to racist behaviors is a solution to a healthy society.
  • LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queers) deserve to live even if they are different from the “normal”. 
Online Forums to Spread Mental Health Awareness

How can you spread awareness and make a change?   

Spreading awareness is a human right and obligation. It is important to make it moral value to educate and initiate a conversation over subjects that get little to no attention on public and valued platforms like United Nation platforms or other such human rights platforms. It is vital to put in the effort for people who cannot talk for themselves and have been shunned or even threatened in case their voices get out. It is an outright good and something that may help improve someones or the lives of many people. 

As it is said, “One good deed or word goes a long way”. So, what can you do to make the slightest change is:

  1. You can use your social media as a public platform to express opinions but with empathy.
  2. You can use public forums like Twitter to start campaigns against these issues.
  3. You can raise funds and go public under an online NGO and raise awareness and donations for victims of mental health issues, for example, PTSD patients from highly traumatic experiences.
  4. You can create awareness surveys and focus groups to help people with depression or social anxiety overcome these issues, and you do not have to go far. Look nearby, in your streets, in your neighbors, and with the spike in such issues you are bound to find one hand that is desperately reaching out for help, so make a difference in that person’s life and it is sure to bring you to comfort too.
  5. Besides the online forums, we can use the real platforms in our schools, colleges, and communities. Using them to educate people of all types, ages, and whoever is willing to listen, about these issues. Also, their negative impact on the health of the global society if not overcome.

Conclusive Points

It may be hard to imagine a big change, but start small and be the change you wish to see in this world. Repeatedly, we have all read this or heard this quote somewhere. Nobody in the world deserves to be mistreated and everyone deserves a chance at life. No issues are big or small, if they are making someone mentally ill, it is an issue and one that may change the person’s life forever. Therefore, it is important that we observe and pick on cues, be aware, and always lend that helping hand to the one who needs it the most. Let us make this world a better place for us – and the generations to come. 



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