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What is a Community Gym?

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If you’re new to community gyms, you might be wondering: what makes a community gym so great? Here are some great ideas to help create a sense of community and attract new members. Creating a weight-loss or nutrition challenge is a great team-building activity. Forming teams will enable you to compete against others and build stronger relationships. Friendly competition builds community and is a fun way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Creating a sense of community in a community gym

Creating a sense of belonging in a community gym begins with its culture. The people who run the business and the coaches who work there set the tone. Being open and supportive of other members will open the doors to fun interactions. Find the common interests and characteristics of the gym population and foster bonds. A community can occur within an individualized design model, like in Fitness Evolution. Whether it’s a neighborhood gym or a thriving, global fitness chain, fostering a sense of belonging and a joint mission can benefit everyone’s health.

Developing a solid sense of belonging among gym members can increase member retention and help attract new prospects. Members who feel like a part of a community will return and recommend the gym to their friends. Additionally, a strong sense of community builds a supportive and teamwork-oriented culture that will lead to a greater understanding of belonging. 

Getting people together outside of the gym

Events outside the gym are a great way to engage your members and attract new ones. For example, consider throwing a “no-shower happy hour” after a popular fitness class. Or plan a meet-and-greet for new members when the demand for new gym memberships is high. Another popular event to hold is a back-to-school social. In addition to being a fun way to attract new members, social events are an easy way to foster a sense of belonging and community.

Community Gym

Promoting contests in a community gym

If you’re considering creating a social media contest for your community gym, here are some tips: Choose a prize that appeals to your target market, like a yoga mat or water bottle, or something as unique as a Tough Mudder belt. Choosing a tip related to your target market will help you filter out leads that don’t seem interested. You can also use various social media platforms to promote your contest.

Create an event that will draw new customers and keep current clients coming back. For example, consider hosting a themed anniversary party with live music, food, and a free themed class. Team leaders can also promote the event in local businesses by handing out coupons for free fitness classes. For example, a local television station can partner with a local fitness center to hold a photo contest with the public. Contestants must submit their name, email, and phone number to enter.

Making gym friends

One of the easiest ways to meet people at a community gym is to join the same group. You can also find a workout group on a fitness app and introduce yourself to members. The event feature on the app is handy for first-time meetings. After all, you want to meet people in your local community, so make sure you get to know everyone! You can also chat with people in the recovery areas or in group classes.

Aside from making new friends at a community fitness center, a social setting will also help you keep to your exercise regime. You can support each other accountable and engage in friendly competition. Plus, you’ll enjoy the exercise experience more. The benefits are endless. 



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