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What is Access Dental not Axcess Dental & orthodontics ?

The Access Dental Promise

Access Dental is a dental clinic that believes in the principle of Access Dental, we believe that comprehensive dental treatment is a right that should be available to all. Flexible scheduling, payment plans and our open-door policy make it possible for anyone to receive the top-quality dental treatment needed to have the beautiful smile they have earned. We’re committed to offering our patients with a welcoming and comfortable experience that welcomes everyone in the family members welcoming arms with shining smiles. We will never judge.

What are Dental Implants?

For a long time replacing missing teeth involved restoring the portions that are visible over the gumline. Implants have changed the method of replacing teeth as they allow us to rebuild damaged tooth structures from root up. If you’ve lost just one tooth or even a whole row of teeth and are in need of a replacement, Access Dental Access Dental team may be in a position to restore your smile back to its natural functioning with implant-supported tooth replacement. Contact us at one of our convenient offices and we’ll arrange a complimentary dental consultation to review your smile, discuss the options for restoration and assist you in finding the best solution for the unique needs of your oral health.

How Do Braces Work?

A gorgeous straight smile is most likely one of the things that pops to your mind when you think of braces. Braces can do more than straighten teeth that are crooked. They can reposition teeth that are crowded, fix underbites and overbites, and aid in aligning your jaw. The procedure of moving teeth that are not aligned to their correct position is achieved using the use of wires, brackets along with tiny rubber band known as ligatures. Braces are used to move teeth using constant pressure, which eventually causes the teeth to straighten.

Who Are Pediatric Dentists?

The first dental appointment can occur in as little as six months. Regular dentists do not have the training to treat children. Pediatric dentists focus on treating children, toddlers, and teens. We will check the gums and teeth of your child and may also take x-rays when your child’s dentist believes that they are required. We will then clean your child’s teeth and apply a topical fluoride to protect the teeth from decay.

Tips for an Enjoyable “First Dental Appointment”

  • Take your child on an opportunity to tour the office prior to your appointment. Do you need assistance? Talk to our staff, and we’ll be happy to assist!
  • Find some child-friendly books on dentists.
  • Discuss with them why dental checkups are important and how dentists aid in helping keep good oral health.
  • Tell stories about good dental experiences you’ve attended yourself.

It actually straightens the teeth.

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