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What is CBD Cream Nordic oil ?

CBD cream is growing in popularity in recent years as more and more people are beginning to incorporate CBD product or CBD creams in their everyday routines. Cannabidiol is now a component of many people’s daily routines across different cultures. Furthermore, massive research is examining CBD’s plethora of health benefits and ways we can reap the benefits of its simplicity of use and broad-ranging benefits.cbd cream nordic oil

What is CBD topical substances?

Cannabidiol also known as CBD is a naturally occurring chemical in hemp and cannabis plants. It’s one of the best studied and well-known cannabis substances. Because of the increasing research into the cannabis field there are more exciting possibilities for developing cannabis products that are not psychoactive to offer relief from the pain and aches caused by sore muscles and many more.

CBD topicals are sold as balms, creams and gels as well as lotions, and bath bombs. These products contain cannabidiol, and are applied directly onto the skin to help with anti-inflammatory properties. This is why the application of topical CBD is becoming more and more widely used in cosmetic treatments and for a variety of personal usage.

What is the content of topicals?

Generally, topical products such as lotion or cream could contain water bases to provide moisture to the skin while balms contain plant fats or contain a thick base, such as beeswax and shea butter. Furthermore, topicals can contain skin-nourishing substances like Vitamin A, Vitamin E essential oils, Vitamin E as well as other. Topicals that have CBD are designed to aid to relieve pain and ensuring healthy skin.

Liposomes are among the most recent and advanced technology in both medical and CBD industry. Liposomes are used as transport vehicles to transport beneficial compounds directly into cells, thereby avoiding the destruction caused by certain enzymes in the body.

For dietary supplements, or topicals, these innovative CBD liposomes have tapped into the preferences and desires of users in a unique and vital method.

Liposomes’ dual function of being hydrophobic as well as hydrophilic allows them to deliver higher levels of CBD directly into the tissues, resulting in greatly enhanced bioavailability.

Liposomes are not toxic thermodynamically stable and not irritating to skin. Thus, CBD topicals delivered through liposomes are considered safe for long-term or continuous usage.

How do I make use of CBD creams?

It is possible to use the CBD balm in the same way you would apply any other moisturizing cream or other products. You can take a pea-sized portion of CBD balm and apply it with gentle pressure on the desired areas, so that the nutrients can be taken up into the skin. The skin then absorbs the benefits of cannabinoids.

The CBD products are offered in a variety of consistency and are suited to different needs. Eyr, Freyja, and Valkyrie are all balms, and Thor is a gel. Also, we provide a lip balm for colder or weather conditions that could deprive the skin of moisture.

Pro-tips for the Thor gel: prior to using the gel apply an ice-cold towel to gently rub the trouble region. This can warm up the joint or muscle affected and help improve the absorption.

Why do you need CBD cream?

The formula for our CBD topicals has been designed to enhance the quantity of CBD molecules that are absorbed through your skin.

Creams are easy to apply to the skin and are absorbed quickly, balms come with an extra thick base that remains longer on the skin. This is why your skin will benefit from the benefits of CBD through the gradual absorption.

Additionally, consistent usage of CBD creams aids in strengthening the skin’s ability to replenish its cells, which reduces chances of developing skin problems.

In addition the technology of liposomal within our CBD balms is able to deliver essential ingredients direct to the skin cells.

This CBD Lip Balm is made from hemp-derived full spectrum CBD , infused with vitamins E and A, and other natural ingredients all added to help keep your lips moisturized and healthy for long periods of time.

cbd cream nordic oil

We have CBD topicals

The most notable characteristics for our CBD topicals are :

The Liposomal technology we use in our products aids in delivering CBD direct to skin.

Freyja, Eyr, and Valkyrie are great for problematic skin, and contain not only CBD but also several skin-friendly natural ingredients such as omega 3, 6, 7, 9 fatty acids, Quercetin, Linoleic acid, Ursolic acid, Myricetin, Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane, Beta-caryophyllene, Cajaputi oil are present in our products.

CBD topical cream with liquid consistency (Thor Gel) gives quick relief to joints, muscles and tendon. In the same way that Eyr as well as Freyja CBD creams are a great comfort for skin that is irritated and itchy and joints, our Valkyrie CBD cream is able to help easy clogged skin.

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The importance of Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

A majority of food products, chemical and pharmaceutical products undergo a quality check in a lab – the same applies to CBD products. The lab tests and determines whether the product in the batch has met its specifications and issue an attested quality assurance certificate. It is referred to as the Certificate of analysis. It is a record of the actual results of the testing of a sample.

The market is today flooded with numerous companies that sell CBD products in stores and online. A lot of CBD brands lie about the content of cannabinoid compounds in their products, and use misleading methods of labeling.

You might encounter topical CBD which is sold under the brand names balm, ointment or salve. All of these terms are the same, and are commonly used to refer to CBD topicals. It is therefore essential to study the specifications for the product, as well as the detailed details on the label and lastly, check for a third-party laboratory report.

Do CBD creams cause side effects?

One of the major benefits that comes with CBD creams is the fact that it blocks digestive process. The security profile of topical CBD products is superior to CBD ingested (whether broad or full spectrum CBD) as well as being safe for most types of skin.

In some cases, people who are who are new to CBD cream might experience slight irritation. These instances may be caused by the effect of the active substances on the skin. Anyone suffering from serious skin problems should seek medical advice prior to making use of any kind of CBD creams.

Don’t forget to practice the highest standards of personal hygiene, drink plenty of water, and adhere to an nutrient-rich diet to maintain good skin.

CBD Products aren’t designed to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Nordic Oil products only use the best high-quality CBD and have passed independent lab tests.



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