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What is Lemon balm tea And Benefits,Side effects?

What’s Lemon Balm Tea?

Lemon balm tea is derived out of lemon balm’s leaves tree, also known as the chemical designation Melissa officinalis. This plant is part the mint family, and is commonly known as balm mint, or commonly balm. It is indigenous to the southern part of Europe in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East, and Asia. It is currently found across North as well as South America where it is an extremely popular plant for gardens.

The lemon balm plants leaves are often utilized to create herbal remedies. The tea was traditionally utilized to treat digestive issues and relieve pain, including headaches and cramps during menstruation. Lemon balm tea can also provide an euphoric effect making it a great option for those suffering with sleep disorders or are in search of a relaxing tea.

Flavor Profile

It is commonly offered under the name Melissa tea. The plant leaves and the beverage are named after the Greek word that means ‘honey’. Lemon balm tea is mild sweetness with some lemon. The tart and sweet combo gives it a distinct flavor. the herbal scent completes the taste profile. The mild lemony mint flavor goes perfectly with honey and slices of lemon.

Vitamin C and Health benefits from Lemon Balm Tea

1. Reduces anxiety and stress

The relaxing effects of lemon balm tea may aid in reducing stress levels after even the most challenging days. Actually, lemon balm leaves are utilized in anti-anxiety medicines like Cyracos that is offered through Naturex .

The study, published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology found that the extract of lemon balm is specifically effective in relieving stress. Researchers experimented with male and female rats Melissa extract in different amounts for ten days. Researchers found that lemon balm had more effect for male rats than females, but both had less anxiety levels after the research .

Another study , which was published in Nutrients discovered that drinking lemon balm drinks like tea can boost cognitive performance and mood. The study was designed as a placebo-controlled, double-blind cross-over study. Researchers found that people who consumed tea with lemon balm showed significantly lower levels of anxiety between one and three hours after drinking the tea made from lemon balm .

2. Improves sleep

Lemon balm tea could help ease the symptoms of insomnia as well as other sleep disorders due to its soothing scent. The University of Michigan shows two studies that prove the efficacy of lemon balm for sleeping health. A study conducted in clinical trials showed that lemon balm helped improve sleep quality by altering chemical levels within your nervous system .

A study found that a mixture that included valerian root and lemon balm is equally effective as sleep-related drug Halcion. Additionally, those who took the herbal remedy didn’t suffer from the hangover effects experienced by those who took Halcion.

3. It supports Brain Health

Tea containing lemon balms has shown to enhance mental function and could help ease the symptoms of serious neurological disorders. Lemon balm tea could help alleviate symptoms in the beginning phases of the disease if consumed frequently. Although lemon balm tea isn’t able to help with Alzheimer’s, it can help to make the condition more manageable. Consult your physician before taking lemon balm tea as a neuro aid.

An article published by Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences found that lemon balm has the properties of a cholinergic plant, which means it functions as neurotransmitter. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease often suffer from damaged the cholinergic neurons.which

lemon balm tea

4. Alleviates Digestive Problems

Lemon balm was traditionally used to treat infant colic. Nowadays several herbal remedies blend citrus balms, German camomile, as well as Fennel to ease the discomfort of infants with colic. These remedies aid in reducing crying and if used regularly, they can even eliminate colic completely.

Lemon balm tea can aid in relieving common digestive issues like cramps, stomach upset and gastric ulcers.

5. Treats Infections

Lemon balm tea can speed the healing process and helps reduce the signs of herpes simplex virus. Lemon balm is also applied topically to treat skin conditions or as an essential oil to ease burning and itching. The polyphenols and tannins present in lemon balm are especially efficient in treating cold sores which are commonly associated with the disease.

One study that was published in Phytotherapy Research showed two substances Melissa extracts and rosmarinic acids slowed new outbreaks of herpesvirus, including those resistant to the standard treatment..

6. It helps to prevent Heart Disease

Lemon balm tea can aid in protecting general heart health. Studies that was published in Journal of Nutrition found that lemon balm tea may lower triglycerides as well as improve the cholesterol synthesis. Regular consumption of lemon balm tea could aid in the reduction of bad LDL cholesterol and reduce blood pressure .


Affects Side

When consumed in the mouth If taken orally, lemon balm is most likely to be to be safe when consumed in the amounts of food. It is believed that lemon balm supplements may be safe if consumed at a dosage as high as 500 mg/day for up to six months. There are a few minor side effects and may include a rise in consumption of food, nausea, dizziness and the wheezing. There’s not enough evidence to establish whether lemon balm is safe to use for longer than six months.
If applied on skin the skin When applied to the skin: Lemon balm could be safe for adults of all ages. It could result in some skin irritation.

Special Warns and Precautions

The HTML0 code is for pregnancy and breastfeeding-feeding The problem is that there’s not enough evidence-based information to know whether the lemon balm ingredient is suitable while breastfeeding or pregnant. Be cautious and avoid using.

Children Lemon balm possible to be safe when it is consumed by children for a period of one month.

Surgery Lemon balm could cause excessive drowsiness coupled with medication that are used prior to and following surgery. Stop taking lemon balm at the very two weeks before the scheduled surgery.

thyroid disease Lemon balm could alter the thyroid function, lower levels of thyroid hormone and can affect the thyroid treatment for hormone loss. Do not consume lemon balm if you are suffering from thyroid issues.



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