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What Is Superbeets Chews ? Review

What is Superbeets chews?

SuperBeets is a nutritional supplement made of beets, which are then dehydrated into crystals.Beets are a great source of nitrates which your body transforms into the nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide could have a variety of advantages for health, like protecting cells from harm and relaxing blood vessels. This could help reduce blood pressure and boost circulation (1Trusted Source 2Trusted Source 3Trusted Source).

SuperBeets is designed to offer some of the advantages associated with nitric oxygen without forcing people to drink beet juice , or eat beets.

HumanN is the company that invented SuperBeets was founded by reputable scientists who are renowned as the top experts in the field of research on nitric Oxide.

The technology that they have patented to make SuperBeets claims to keep nitrates intact in the beets, allowing them to release the highest levels of nitric Oxide.

HumanN claims that one teaspoon (5 grams) of SuperBeets contain the equivalent amount of nitric oxide as three beets in total, however, a quantitative measurement of nitric Ox isn’t available.

In addition to nitric Oxide In addition, 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of SuperBeets includes:

Calories: 15

Fat Zero grams

Carbohydrates 4 grams

Protein: 1 gram

Sodium: 65 mg equivalent to 3% of daily value (DV)

Calcium: 160 mg or 5 percent of the DV

Magnesium 10 mg or 2.2% of DV

Vitamin C 50 mg equivalent to 83% of Daily Value

The original flavor ingredient is made of non-GMO U.S.-grown beets. It also includes beetroot powder as well as natural apple flavor malic acid (an additive made of apples) magnesium ascorbate and Stevia leaf.

The product with black cherry swaps natural apple flavor for black cherry flavor, however it is otherwise the same.

Side Effects, Safety, and Dosage superbeets chews

Each SuperBeets Heart Chews comes with one month of supply and includes 60 chews. Each chew is equivalent to 2 chews.

Grape extract of the seed (GSE) along with beetroot powder is usually considered to be safe and have very little side effects for the majority of healthy people.

A few people notice that their urine is pinkish-red hue, referred to as beeturia, while taking beets supplements. It’s due to how the body’s metabolism processes the pigments found in beets, and isn’t harmful.

If you’re thinking of the possibility of SuperBeets Chews, you should talk to a physician first.superbeets chews

If you suspect that your blood pressure is too high it is crucial to seek medical care.

If you’re on blood pressure medications or other blood-thinning medication, your doctor must be aware when you’ll be trying this product.

Because grape seed and beet extracts have blood pressure-lowering characteristics, it is possible that this product may reduce your blood pressure to a great extent when combined with your medication.

Proton pump inhibitors that lower stomach acid levels to help manage symptoms of reflux, hinder metabolism of diet nitrates into Nitric acid.

If you are taking such a medicine it might interfere with the blood pressure-lowering effects of beets. They contain the nitrates.

People suffering from the type 2 form of diabetes, or who do not consume added sugars need to take note that the snacks contain 4 grams of sugar added per serving. This is in forms of syrup from tapioca as well as cane sugar.

The company claims that it’s GSE tests for the purity and safety of its product, but I could not find any independent third-party testing labels for the product.superbeets chews

superbeets chews Reviews

Apart from the HumanN website, which has the average rating of 4.7 out five reviews, SuperBeets receives fairly mixed feedback from its customers.

It’s difficult to find any negative feedback from HumanN. HumanN website, but we did come across some. One user complained about the unpleasant taste, and another was frustrated with the lack of results.

Other than that, has over 670 reviews, with an average rating that is 3.5 out of five stars. Similarly, the independent review sites HighYa has more than 30 reviews, with an average score at 3.3 stars.

Positive reviews about SuperBeets provide a rapid and noticeable increase in energy, a reduction in blood pressure, better sleep, less swelling in the limbs and improved circulation. Here are a few examples:superbeets chews

  • “I am currently on my third bottle of SuperBeets. Wow, what energy. I’m 72 years old female extremely active, and always exhausted at noon … never again. Superbeets has changed my life. I can keep going throughout the day long.”
  • “I train for crossfit five days per week and notice a massive improvement in my fitness. I am more energetic, have greater endurance and recover quicker after and during the exercise. If I begin every day using SuperBeets I usually feel the effects in 15 or 20 minutes.”
  • “It gives me a nice, natural energy during the day, and I can’t remember the last time I slept better without it.”

The majority of negative reviews complain about the cost, the unpleasant taste, no results , or lack of information on the exact contents of the product. Here are a few examples:



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