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What is the Lewdle answer? Today

Wordle lovers: Recall last week’s Wordle of the Day “PRICK” and take your square-addled thoughts back.What is Lewdle?

What is Lewdle?

Lewdle, a word game inspired by Wordle, is similar to Wordle. It is necessary to correctly guess the word.

What does it do?

Wordle is a word-guessing game you might have played.

Tips & Tricks

We’ll start with some tips, before you get the real deal.

  • Urban DictionaryRight.
  • Vowels This tip is for many word games. All vowels should be used in the words you use for the first two words.

Lewdle, as you may have guessed is a filthy homage to the popular daily word game.

Gary Whitta is a screenwriter who created Lewdle.

Although you might be able find a five-letter English term, it may not be on our list. This creates another challenge. You might be able to find a five-letter English word, but it may not be on our word list.

Whitta is open to receiving submissions via Twitter if you feel that a word should be included.

You will encounter the same quirks, habits and behaviors as you do during regular Wordle. It was a tedious task that I spent far too much time looking at. DILDO may not be the right answer for you.

To make sure I was thorough, I tried some of the more obscure Wordle words. Wordle’s mysterious colored squares might one day offer a challenge that only you can solve.

How do I play Lewdle

Wordle’s NSFW, completely 18+ version of Wordle is a spoof on Wordle. It can be played exactly as the original.

To view the web version of the app, click the small white button at the bottom.

To decipher a five letter word, it takes six attempts. Lewdle uses lewd terms you shouldn’t use in front of your parents.

Enter a five-letter word and submit it. This will change the color of the letter tiles. This will tell you if the letters are in the right place and if they are present in the final word.

If the letter turns grey, it indicates that it isn’t in a word. This will help you make better guesses as it narrows down the words.

By using the information gained from each guess, you can narrow down your choices for the mystery word. Every 24 hours, a new word is added to Wordle.

What’s the best Lewdle word?

It’s a little more difficult than Wordle to find the best Lewdle starting word. However, “PENIS”, a Lewdle word, is a good choice.

Do you want word games that aren’t stressful at work? You can also use our League of Pantheons codes to guide you through time-wasting mobile games.

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