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What is the Tom Brady Diet OR tb12 Diet?

What is the Tom Brady Diet?

The Tom Brady Diet was introduced by professional American footballer Tom Brady in 2017 as part of his book “The TB12 diet Method,” which outlines his 12 principles for sustaining high performance.

It will increase you energy levels and decrease inflammation, lower the chances of injury and boost your sports efficiency and recuperation.

The diet emphasizes eating all-natural food items that are not processed and avoids foods that are thought as acidifying, or believed to increase inflammation.

The program also outlines guidelines for training and offers a variety of TB12 food items, snacks and supplements for a specific brand.

Tom Brady is widely known for his seven Super Bowl wins and his very strict performance-enhancing diet. The NFL quarterback consumes a lot of plant-based food with a special focus on alkalizing and anti-inflammatory foods which are generally local and organically sourced. If he does consume animal products, it’s typically the lean protein sources such as fish.

The Tom Brady diet–also known as the TB12 diet–is a high protein, plant-based diet which excludes gluten dairy corn, soya, MSG, coffee, alcohol, GMOs, sugar, trans fats, processed foods, and much more. Certain fruits and vegetables such as nightshades aren’t allowed and so are some oils.

Although the rules for the Tom Brady diet are strict but the diet is also nutrient-dense and is designed to limit or eliminate foods that he believes could cause inflammation. Brady states that his diet improves energylevels, reduces injuries to bones, improves athletic performanceand the speed of recovery.

Which things should eat

  • Most vegetables
  • Some fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Beans
  • Lean proteins
  • Protein powders TB12 and protein bars

Which things should Not Eat

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • G.M.Os and M.S.G
  • Corn and soy
  • Highly processed food items
  • Artificial sweeteners and sugar
  • Fungi and vegetables from the nightshade
  • Alcohol and coffee
  • Trans fats and saturated fats

Pros of Tom Brady’s Diet

The TB12 diet’s emphasis on eating natural, unprocessed food allows for lots of protein, nutrients as well as Dietary fiber . The diet is completely free of corn, dairy as well as soy and gluten making it simple for people with sensitivities, allergies, or limitations to follow the diet.

Tom Brady diet Tom Brady diet is suitable for athletes at all levels and ages. It’s designed to boost the energy level and speed up recovery and can be particularly advantageous for athletes. Even though the TB12 diet isn’t marketed as a diet for weight loss the majority of the diet is plant-based that emphasizes nutrient-rich whole foods can help you lose weight.

Cons of Tom Brady’s Diet

Although this glimpse of Tom’s lifestyle isn’t as restrictive as earlier versions, it is still a stylish diet. Carbs that are healthy seem to be under-represented, and eliminating whole food categories (such such as dairy) could put the person at risk of nutritional deficiencies, such as bones issues due to the lack of calcium levels and Vitamin D.

The dependence on many protein shakes as well as electrolyte powders does go against the TB12 principle that is “Real Food, First,” but it’s not the first time we’ve encountered brands that are part of a plan for a healthy diet. This Tom Brady diet has some important disadvantages. It’s not sustainable for the long-term because of the numerous limitations. The sole consumption of organic, fresh and seasonal vegetables is not feasible for a lot of people since it can be costly. Eliminating dairy and gluten-containing foods like corn, gluten and nightshade veggies isn’t realistic or desirable for many people. The diet is restrictive..

tb12 diet


There is a dearth of studies that focus specifically upon this particular Tom Brady diet. However, research that studies the other diets that make up this diet can offer information about its potential advantages.

A few studies suggest there is evidence that suggests there is evidence that the Tom Brady diet may help with weight loss and athletic performance. This is probably due to the strict guidelines for certain kinds of foods.

Weight loss

If you follow this diet, one is likely to consume less calories than they need to, therefore losing weight is likely. Trusted Source is most likely.


The diet is high in fiber-rich fruits and vegetables as well as legumes. Research suggests that a diet with high levels of fiber can make a person feel fuller for a longer period of timeTrusted Source. In turn, one may be less likely to eat snacks when adhering to this diet plan.

Improved cardiovascular function

It is believed that the Tom Brady diet recommends a reduced intake of processed and meat products however a significant intake of fresh produce as well as whole grain. The proportions are similar to the Mediterranean diet and research has shown that it that it can boost cardiovascular health A trusted source.

A Word From Verywell

Tom Brady and the followers of his diet claim a lot of advantages from this method of eating. It’s a great alternative for athletes that require plenty of protein, electrolytes and nutrients to stay well-nourished and in peak condition for their sport performance.

If your aim is losing weight, be aware it’s not an indicator of being the healthiest version of your self. There are numerous other options to achieve health. Sleep, exercise and other aspects of lifestyle are also a significant factor in the overall health of your body. The most effective diet is an optimum one, which is well-balanced and that fits your life style.



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