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What Is Tradeline Supply Company Best For?

What Is Tradeline Supply Company Best For?

In the beginning of the beginning of our Tradeline Supply Company review, we’ll discuss the business’s activities. It’s more than just an intermediary. It connects people who wish to purchase tradeline bundles with those who have tradelines available to sell.

If you require assistance in obtaining debt consolidation loans or to locate debt consolidation lenders take a look elsewhere. By using a tradeline you’ll be an authorized user of someone else’s credit card. It’s like renting their credit score.


What It Takes to Get Going With Tradeline Supply Company

According to our experiences as well as Tradeline Supply reviews, the procedure is easy for sellers and buyers.

For Sellers

You’ll need an active credit card that is in good standing, and at least one of these



Chase Bank

Capital One


Bank of America

The cardholder must also be the main customer for the card. The account should be older than two years old, and the credit limit must be at least $2,000. You should have a great FICO score. You’ll receive between $30 and $450 for each user you add. The amount will depend on the age of your card is and also your credit limit is.

If you’re eligible, fill out the application on the website. Then, you’ll need to submit the color versions of the driver’s licence (or any other ID issued by the state) and your social security card along with the password to account Credit Karma (or other credit monitoring service) account. This information is needed by Tradelines Supply to see if you’re legally authorized for selling your personal credit.

For Buyers

The form can be completed online, too. Your credit score doesn’t matter so much since you’re not getting cash. Once you’ve been approved, you look through the approved tradelines for users. There are a variety of brokers and people to pick from.

The reviews of the Tradeline broker simplify the process of choosing the perfect one for your requirements.


Tradeline Supply’s array of services is quite simple comprised of two solutions:

Helps You Buy Tradelines

Rebuilding credit after a poor credit history requires time even after the debt settlement. In this period, it can be difficult to secure credit. It is possible to use credit cleaners to get rid of the negative reports, but it takes about two months. As any top credit repair firm will tell you, there aren’t any assurances. If the listing is legitimate and legitimate, the company is not under any obligation to take them off.

Tradelines are a better alternative to the traditional credit repair site. They allow you to purchase another’s credit history on one account. Similar as being an authorized user of a relative’s credit card to establish your credit score.

Helps You Sell Tradelines

Tradelines offers sellers an established platform for making an extra amount of cash. The amount you earn depends on your credit score as well as the price of the supply to the tradeline. If there’s a surplus on markets, the sales may be slow.

The company is open about the dangers. If you don’t take this properly, you’ll have an 1%-5 percent chance of the bank cancelling your credit card. This usually happens when a person sells multiple spots at the same time.

The benefit of this site is that you can stop any credit lines for sale at any point. The firm suggests stopping this regularly in order to “give your cards a rest”.

Additional Services

The company does not offer other services apart from the information available on their site. There’s plenty of information beneficial in fixing you credit. There’s also a huge database of resources for sellers. Its Tradeline Calculator Tool is particularly useful.


The cost you pay is contingent upon the line of credit you choose. There’s a discount for packages which is interesting since you can create an individual plan. You can:

Purchase two lines at a discount of 10 percent for the third line

Purchase three lines to save 10 percent off the next line and 20% off the third line

Buy more than four lines and get 10% off the second line 20 percent on the third and 30 percent off the fourth line and any other lines you buy following that

Sellers can inquire about the structure of commissions by contacting the company. The structure may change depending on market trends.

Customer Support

The typical Tradeline Supply Company review remarks on how easy to reach support. Customers can contact them by phone or using Contact Form on site to reach out. The staff are friendly and available from 7:00 AM until 7:00 pm on weekdays, and from 8:00 am until the time of 5:00 pm (PST) on weekends.

Tradeline Supply Company Reviews by Users

Does Tradeline Supply have a BBB rating? Tradeline Supply is not accredited by the BBB However, the company is rated A+. There is one only adverse Tradeline Supply Company review on the Better Business Bureau.

A majority of Tradeline Supply reviews from other websites are favorable.

The Positives

The standard Tradeline Supply Company review on Reddit for customers is positive. Customers appreciate the reasonable pricing and the excellent service and the an easy platform. Many customers report an improvement in their credit score.

The Negatives

The complaints come from sellers who are complaining about the commission structure that is discounted and the length of time they take to make a sale. One buyer complained that the purchase did not impact their credit score.

The company guarantees that your line will be listed on the bureau’s list within of the report cycle. If it does not then you can claim an amount of money back on the account.

Our Verdict

The Tradeline Supply Company review can verify that the business is genuine, but it’s not the most ideal option for all. Credit lines can boost your credit score with a swift boost if you’ve already started the path of financial recovery. If you’re stuck in debt, you’re better off talking to a traditional credit repair firm.

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