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Why Do You Have Asthma?

Asthma is a condition that causes inflammation which causes bronchioles to constrict, causing breathing problems. The bronchioles are inflamed due to many physical, emotional, and environmental causes. The condition is not contagious you are not able to catch it from someone else.

What is the main causes of asthma? What are the reasons why some people develop asthma? And why is it more common in western countries?

Inheriting Asthma

But, it is possible to inherit the tendency to develop asthma through your parent’s genes, but those with asthma shouldn’t be concerned about their children’s future regarding this issue.

Research has shown that children of parents who smoke are twice more likely to develop asthma than children with non-smoking parents. Children whose mothers smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have fewer airways, which increases the risk of getting the disease. You can use Arrowmeds to treat asthma.

It is believed that the “westernised” environment and lifestyle in developed countries have an impact on the chance that an individual will suffer from an asthma attack or not.

A lot of people believe that the effects of air pollution have something to have to do with asthma, but the evidence at present is quite insufficient.


Asthma causes include allergies to dust mites from the house as well as dogs, cats, and mould.

Childhood diseases and exposure to harmful substances caused by bacteria in a filthy environment are believed to help protect against allergies. This is believed to be the reason that richer people suffer more cases of allergic disease.

As a result, the factors that cause asthma are complex. It is a result of genetics and contact with chemical triggers, pollution, a weak immune system, mental or emotional issues, or reactions to certain foods.

The majority of asthma that occurs in children is caused by allergies. So asthma sufferers likely have genes that allow you to develop asthma. In addition, there are allergy-producing objects in your surroundings, like house dust mites as well as cats and dogs and your asthma can get worse. The genes and allergies are the main causes of developing asthma because if one of them was not present you wouldn’t have developed asthma.

What about colds or exercise, laughter or smoking tobacco, all of which can trigger asthma?

It is not possible to cure asthma by not exercising or not laughing. Simply put, they aren’t asthma-related causes however they could cause an asthma attack.

The type of paint used for house decoration can actually increase the severity of asthma. Paints that are glossy to decorate your home can trigger asthma attacks. The good thing is that emulsion paints do not appear to cause this. Asthalin Inhaler is best treatment to prevent asthma.

The polyurethane paints, which are usually recognized since they are available in two packages that need to be mixed before usage, can trigger asthma-related occupational symptoms in those who frequently use them. But, they are likely to pose little risk to asthma sufferers who only use them occasionally. Always, when working with paints and chemicals it’s recommended to air-condition the area during and after the use.

Issues with emotions

In the present, an emotional issue could be the root of asthma. If emotion is incorporated within your body, it is required to be expressed so that its electrical charge will be released. The release takes place every time events trigger the memory.

The way that an embedded emotion issues decides its expression will be via the path that is least resistant. In the event that your heart muscle is not strong the emotional issue will make your heart pound. If your joints are weak it will be pounding your joints. If your lungs or bronchi are weak, they will force them to pound and ultimately weaken them, causing you to suffer from asthma or other respiratory ailments.

Triggers and Causes of Asthma are Not the Same Things

For those suffering from asthma, the day-to day control of their condition becomes an integral part of daily life. Asthma control requires paying close focus on the causes and triggers that cause asthma.

“Trigger factors” or “trigger factors”, or “triggers”, of asthma are the triggers that could cause an asthma attack for someone with asthma.

It’s something that can set off an asthma attack however it doesn’t make an individual asthmatic in the first place.

“Cause” refers to something that causes an effect “cause” is something without any result (such like asthma) is not likely to occur.

A reason is something without which the patient isn’t asthmatic. There could exist more than one reason for asthma attacks.

There is however plenty of confusion around these terms.

If someone suffers from an allergy to dogs, cats pollen, mould, wallpaper, or dust mites in the house that trigger asthma, they may describe these in terms of “triggering an attack”.

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The demonization of causes, through labelling them triggers, it makes people believe that they’re not that important and they may simply continue to use their inhalers rather than attempting to identify the root causes of their asthma and eliminate the triggers from their lives. Check here for some solution Levolin Inhaler

If, for instance, you do not suffer from asthma or your asthma managed and controlled, then a cold may be a non-issue. The signs of asthma.

In this regard it’s reasonable to consider the cold as the “trigger factor” for asthmatics.

However, if the asthmatic suffers an attack every time they come in contact with dogs, and dogs are the reason for asthma (for instance, the reason why they suffer from asthma is due to dogs) being close to a dog could cause an attack.

In the same way the dog could cause asthma, and also the trigger for attacks.

Focusing solely on the trigger of asthma attacks ignores the crucial point that the contact with dogs is the reason for an asthma attack in the initial place.

Asthma sufferers want to be aware of the triggers and causes of asthma, however the reasons for this are of a more serious of a nature. If there were no causes and the asthma did not exist the triggers would do nothing to harm.

Asthma is a trigger vs. cause…

In discussing illnesses such as those, it is essential to differentiate between triggers and causes. Use Seroflo Inhaler used to cure asthma.

A trigger for asthma is something that triggers an asthma attack, but isn’t the reason you become asthmatic at all.

A cause is a thing that isn’t there, and without it, and consequence (such as that of asthma) wouldn’t be taking place. This means that the cause is something that is not there, that isn’t there and you wouldn’t be asthmatic.



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