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Will antibiotics Stop working if you miss a dose ? An Expert Answers

I am not a fan of taking antibiotics. Amoxicillin Ciprofloxacin, Doxycycline I’m sure you can think of it. I’m sick of them all! Sometimes I find it to be more difficult than the health problem I am dealing with. General dislike for these meds apart, I hate the fact that my stomach takes an occasional twirl after every round of antibiotics. A friend once described the process of taking antibiotics to formatting a computer. Bad, good because it eliminates everything! That’s the reason I don’t like taking these meds. Like many other people, I’m certain, I’m at risk of missing some doses until my doctor has me checked for it.

Although I hate taking these drugs in my heart I realize that skipping them isn’t the right thing neither. Therefore, I spoke to the Dr. Pradip Shah, the HOD as well as General Medicine Specialist in Fortis Hospital, Mumbai and asked him to explain what happens when we don’t take the dose of antibiotics.

Why should we take antibiotics?

Naturopaths and holistic medical professionals can provide you with hundreds of reasons to not use antibiotics. However, the truth of the thing is that they can help save lives and are often required. They are highly effective in treating diseases that cannot be treated in the body’s immune system. Therefore, it is not a good idea to dismiss them completely.

There are some medicines that are prescribed at times, such as the painkiller sand the antihistamines. The antibiotics are usually prescribed for a period that lasts a couple of days, and sometimes for 10 days, but sometimes it is for five days, says Dr. Shah. For this duration we ask patients to follow the regimen with diligence and not miss doses or end the treatment abruptly.

According to Dr. Shah his research, antibiotics remove pathogens responsible for the disease. If you miss some doses, there is an enlargement of the bacteria. The delay will provide bacteria the opportunity to develop an immunity against the medicines and in the near future an antibiotic-resistant strain bacteria will begin to multiply. In a matter of days you’ll be knocking at your doctor’ at the door, according to Dr. Shah.

What happens if you miss only 1 dose?

Do not fret when you don’t get one dose, suggests Dr. Shah. Your body has already a supply of antibiotics resulting from the previous dose. But your doctor suggests to start taking it whenever you remember. Don’t overdo it by taking multiple doses.

How do you make sure that you don’t forget?

Set reminders on your smartphone will help you remember to take your antibiotics. Dr. Shah suggests purchasing an organizer for pills. It’s a box made of plastic that has seven compartments to take your medication every one of your days. You can arrange your antibiotics into each compartment and take them each day according to Dr. Shah. This way, you can be sure no dose is not missed.

Strategies to remember when you should get antibiotics

If you are finding it difficult to remember to take your antibiotics, use the strategies listed below to assist you in remembering:

  • Link to another website or activity. Associating taking your antibiotics to a routine helps you remember when to take your medications. For instance, you could take an antibiotic and consume three times per day with meals. You could also join an antibiotic you take twice daily by brushing your teeth each morning and before going to bed.
  • Create the alarm. Setting an alarm on your watch or phone will alert you the moment you’re required to take a second dose.
  • Utilize the pillbox. These are small containers that are labeled with compartments inside which you can arrange your medication. There are numerous types offered. You can purchase them in the drugstore or online.
  • Make sure you keep the medication out. Keeping your antibiotic in a place that you can easily see like on the dining table or in your bathroom, could be beneficial. Take care when using this method especially if you have children, or pets. In this situation, medication must be kept away from reach.
  • Take note. After you take the dose of your antibiotic write it down on a calendar or an account book.


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