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Why It Is So Important To Use Eye Care Cream?

Actually, you all know. It is easier to regularly dab the area around the eyes with a cream than to wonder at the weekend whether 10 years have passed since last Monday. Or why do you look so tired around the eyes? And that’s exactly why it’s so important to apply eye care mornings and evenings. To choose the best eye care cream for you, you can check goop perfecting eye cream reviews and goop eye cream reviews before buying the right eye cream for you.

Why an extra eye Care Cream?

We already hear the skeptics among you saying: ‚ÄúOne more product in the bathroom, it really doesn’t have to be.‚ÄĚ But dear doubters, unfortunately it has to. Eye cream is essential. Because the skin around your eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. So it also needs finer active ingredients that are precisely tailored to their properties. But that’s not all, the eye cream also has a special texture that prevents it from “crawling” into your eyes and burning there and causing irritation. 

What is important when applying eye care?

The skin around the eyes cannot take as much pressure. Wrinkles can actually form if you rub the fine skin too hard. Use your ring finger to pound in your eye cream. There’s a lot of love in it – that’s why the engagement ring goes there – and not so much power. In other words, he cannot build up as much pressure and will tap the cream very gently into the skin. You should also apply the cream with a small distance to the lash line. Otherwise the cream (no joke) likes to climb the eyelashes into the eye. Keep a distance of about half a centimeter from the edge of the eyelid. 

Does it matter when you use eye care cream?

You should use your eye cream after your face serum. If you want to be real skin care nerds, then you use an eye serum underneath, but that’s another story and will be explained separately by us here. As soon as the serum is absorbed, you can carefully pat in the eye cream. If you don’t use a serum, which is absolutely okay, don’t panic, then still use your eye cream before normal day and night care.

Can an eye cream reduce dark circles?

First you have to distinguish which shape of the dark circles you have. If your skin is more pigmented than that, you should use lightening eye cream, which ensures that your skin is lightened over time. However, if your skin around the eyes is thin and the capillaries shine through, then you need a lot of care, preferably based on hyaluron, which plumps up your skin slightly. And don’t forget: If you get enough sleep and drink a lot, the dark circles will improve significantly. Try that out.

Does my eye cream need SPF?

Of course, we won’t advise you to buy an eye cream with a sun protection factor here, but it is not always necessary.¬†For the insensitive among you: As soon as your eye cream has been applied, you can simply apply your sunscreen over it.¬†You can also use sunscreens that are made specifically for your face around your eyes.¬†Anyone who is very sensitive to sunscreen on their eyes should actually apply the sunscreen with their eye care cream.

Which eye care is right for me?

Eye creams are for women who long for more care and who have a dry eye area. These creams provide the delicate skin around the eyes with plenty of active ingredients that plump it up and prevent it from becoming too dry. That happens quickly, especially when you sit in front of the computer a lot, and you want to avoid that, because it can lead to small wrinkles Рand who wants that?Eye Care Cream

How do eye gels work?

Eye gel is perfect for everyone who needs a little wake-up call for their eyes. Because eye gels cool the area around the eyes, counteract swelling and can even reduce dark circles, because they often have a very high proportion of hyaluronic acid.

When it has to be done quickly

Eye patches are the perfect SOS helpers when the area around the eyes still looks a bit tired, but prime time is all the rage in half an hour.¬†Great on long-haul flights, because they get on your skin hygienically packaged without having to fiddle around with your fingers on your face.¬†Don’t think about what the others might say.¬†Your skin will thank you, and you should always be on your side.¬†Let the others see, they are just jealous.

What is an eye fluid?

An eye fluid is a little lighter than a cream and is perhaps also perfect for those new to care in this segment.¬†It relieves the delicate skin around the eyes, but is absorbed faster than a cream.¬†The perfect combination recommended by us is a fluid for the day, after all, the foundation holds up really well, plus an eye cream for the night, so it doesn’t matter if your eyes shine a little.

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